Rural Property Number (RAPID)
Application Form
Please return this form to: or Ashburton District Council, PO Box 94, Ashburton 7740
Applicant Details
Postal Address:
Home Phone:
Mobile Phone:
Property Details
Name of Road:
Legal Description:
Valuation Reference:
Is the property part of a recent subdivision?
Is the entrance (vehicle) shared with others?
Request Type
New Number
Reference Details
Between rapid numbers:
Address of right side neighbour (as viewed from road):
Address of left side neighbour (as viewed from road):
Other information (eg nearest intersection):
The Council need an accurate measurement of where your vehicle entrance is located.
Attach a site plan or use the box at the back of this sheet to show the following details.
Distance from side boundary to entrance way
Any reference points that may be relevant eg entrance way by existing shed or beside stream
Signature and Date
Signed: _____________________________ Date _______________________________
Office Use Only:
Date Paid:
Building Consent:
Rapid Number:
Date Issued:
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