To the Board of Commissioners of the Town of Burgaw, Pender County, North Carolina:
We, the undersigned owners of real property, respectfully request that the area decribed in the
attached information be annexed to the Town of Burgaw.
(This petition must be signed by all owners of property requesting voluntary annexation)
All of the following documents must be attached along with this application in order to be
considered for annexation by the Town of Burgaw:
A true copy of the property deed
A description of boundaries
A map showing the relationship of the property to the existing town limits
A petition for voluntary annexation filed with the town under NCGS 160A-31 or NCGS
160A-58.1 shall contain a signed statement declaring whether any zoning vested right with
respect to the properties subject to the petition has been established under NCGS 160A-
385.1 or NCGS 153A-344.1. A statement that declares that no zoning vested right has been
established under NCGS 160A-385.1 or NCGS 153A-344.1, or the failure to sign a
statement declaring whether or not a zoning vested right has been established, shall be
binding on the landowner and any such zoning vested right shall be terminated.
Petition for Voluntary Annexation