Petitions for conditional district rezoning must be accompanied by fifteen (15) hard copy sets
and one digital copy of required information.
As the Petitioner(s), I/We ______________________________________________________________ request
that the Town of Burgaw Planning Board recommend to the Town of Burgaw Board of Commissioners to
change the Official Zoning Map of the Town of Burgaw as defined in the Unified Development Ordinance
(UDO) as follows:
Property Owner
Location of Property
GEO PIN Number
Street Address:
Property Size
Acreage (ft
Street Frontage (ft)
Present Zoning District
Requested Zoning District
I certify that the following are owner(s) of the property subject to the rezoning request as listed in the
Pender County Registry.
Required Information:
Preliminary site plan (see attached check sheet)
Supporting information and text that specifies the actual use or uses intended for the property and any
rules, regulations, and conditions that will govern the development and use of the property
Report of the required 2 community meetings; including
o A list of those persons and organizations contacted about the meeting;
o The manner and date of contact;
o The date, time, and location of the meeting;
o A roster of the persons in attendance at each meeting; a summary of issues discussed at the
meeting; and
o A description of any changes to the rezoning petition made by the petitioner as a result of the
Owner Signature: ___________________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________ Phone: _________________________
Date: _______________________________________________
Applicant Signature (if different from owner): ____________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________ Phone: _________________________
Date: _______________________________________________
Complete application received by: _________________________________________ Date: ____________
Conditional Rezoning Required Site Plan
Check Sheet
Required Information
Not Applicable, Waived by
Planning Administrator
Included with
Boundary survey and vicinity map showing the propertys total
acreage, its zoning classification(s), the general location in
relation to adjacent properties, major streets, railroads, and/or
waterways, the date, and north arrow
All existing easements, reservations, and rights-of-way
Approximately location on the site of existing and proposed
buildings, structures, and other improvements
Proposed use of all lands and structures, including the number
and square footage of all units, residential and nonresidential
All yards, buffers, screening, and landscaping required by these
regulations or proposed by the petitioner
All existing and proposed points of access to public streets
Delineation of areas within the regulatory floodplain as shown
on the official Flood Insurance Rate Maps
Location of all wetlands
Proposed phasing, if any
The location of existing and proposed storm drainage patterns
and facilities intended to serve the proposed development
Approximate location of all existing and proposed infrastructure
on the site, including water, sewer, roads, pedestrian walkways,
and open space
Generalized traffic, parking, and circulation plans (including
bicycle and pedestrian facilities)
Proposed screening, buffers, and landscaping, as well as
proposed treatment of any existing natural features
Existing and general proposed topography, if available, at five-
foot contour intervals or less
The location of existing vegetation and regulated trees
Scale of buildings relative to abutting property
Building elevations and exterior features of proposed
Master Sign Plan
An evaluation of traffic impacts prepared in accordance with a
scope of work established by NCDOT, if applicable
Inventory of the existing environmental, cultural, historical, and
natural site attributes
A conceptual plan that shows with reasonable certainty the
type and intensity of use for the proposal
Any other information needed to demonstrate compliance with