One & Two-Family Dwelling Building
Permit Application Checklist
City of Happy Valley
16000 SE Misty Drive, Happy Valley OR, 97086
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Required permits for New Single Family
ng Plumbing Mechanical
Electrical Sewer
1. Land-use actions completed: Plat recorded, sign-off by Happy Valley Engineering Div., WES and other agencies.
2. Zoning and verification of an approved plat/lot: Setbacks, easements, flood plain, seismic soils designation, etc.
Permit Applications: (PDF)
3. Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical, Sewer, and Erosion Permit Applications completely filled out and signed.
4. Soils report (Where required at steep slopes, fill areas, etc): Must carry original applicable stamp and signature on file.
Drawings: (PDF)
5. Erosion control: Plan showing drainage-way and catch basin protection, location of silt fence, rock driveway, etc.
6. Complete sets of legible plans: Must be drawn to scale, showing conformance to applicable local and state building codes.
Lateral design details and connections must be incorporated into the plans or on a separate sheet attached to the plans
with cross
references between plan location and details. Plan review cannot be completed if copyright violations exist.
7. Site/plot plan drawn to scale: Must show lot and building setback dimensions, property corner elevations, finished floor elevations of
house and garage, show proposed and existing contour lines at 2
-ft. intervals, location of easements and driveway apron, including curb drops at face of
curb, percentage of driveway slope (12% or less, footprint of structure (including decks), location of well/septic systems, utility locations, direction indicator,
lot area, building coverage area, percentage of lot coverage, impervious surface area, existing structures on site, and surface drainage.
8. Foundation plan: Show dimensions, anchor bolts, any hold-downs and reinforcing pads, connection details, vent locations.
9. Floor plans: Show dimensions, identify all rooms, include window sizes, locations of smoke & CO detectors, water heater,
furnace, ventilation fans, plumbing fixtures, balconies and decks 30 inches above grade, etc.
10. Cross section(s) and details: Show all framing-member sizes and spacing such as floor beams, headers, joists, sub-floor,
wall construction, roof construction. More than one cross section may be required to portray construction clearly. Show details of all wall and
roof sheathing, roofing, roof slope, ceiling height, siding material, footings and foundation, stairs, fireplace construction, thermal insulation, etc.
11. Elevation views: Provide elevations for new construction; minimum of two elevations for additions and remodels. Exterior
elevations must reflect the actual grade if the change in grade is greater than four feet at building envelope. Addendums showing foundation
elevations with cross references are acceptable.
12. Wall bracing (Prescriptive path) or lateral analysis plans: Must indicate details and locations, for non-prescriptive
path analysis provide, specifications and calculations to engineering standards.
13. Floor/roof framing: Provide plans for all floors/roof assemblies, indicating member sizing, spacing, and bearing locations.
Show attic ventilation.
Calculations & Engineering: (PDF)
14. Retaining walls and Basement walls: Provide cross sections and details showing placement of rebar. Any walls supporting
more than 4’ of backfill or a surcharge require drawings and calculations stamped by an engineer licensed in Oregon.
15. Beam calculations: Provide beam calculations using current code design values for all beams and multiple joists over
10 feet long or any beam/joist carrying a non-uniform load. (Roof Snow Load = 25psf, Floor Live = 40psf)
16. Engineer’s calculations:When required or provided, (i.e. shear walls, roof truss) shall be stamped by an engineer
or architect licensed in Oregon and shall be shown to be applicable to the project under review. Lateral Design Parameters: Wind Speed
IBC 3-sec gust = 95mph, Wind Exposure = B, Seismic Design Category = D.
17. Manufactured floor “I Joists” (Layout, design, and details).
18. Roof truss (Layout, design, and details).
19. Energy Code compliance: Identify the prescriptive envelope requirements per Table N1101.1(1) and two additional measures
per Table N1101.1(2). A gas-piping schematic is required for four or more appliances.
System Development Charges (SDC’s)
20. WES (Water Environment Services) SDC must be paid at Clackamas County before building permit may be picked up.
21. Transportation SDC: Paid at City of Happy Valley when permits are picked up.
22. Parks SDC: Paid at City of Happy Valley when permits are picked up.
Checklist must be completed before plan-review start date. Minor changes or notes on submitted plans shall be highlighted or clouded.
Revised 4/4/2019