Pediatric Advanced Life Support
Child CPR and AED Skills
Testing Checklist
Student Name __________________________________________________ Date of Test _______________________________
Hospital Scenario: “You are working in a hospital or clinic, and you see a child who has suddenly collapsed in the
hallway. You check that the scene is safe and then approach the patient. Demonstrate what you would do next.”
Prehospital Scenario: “You arrive on the scene for a child who is not breathing. No bystander CPR has been provided.
You approach the scene and ensure that it is safe. Demonstrate what you would do next.”
Assessment and Activation
Checks responsiveness
Shouts for help/Activates emergency response system/Sends for AED
Checks breathing
Checks pulse
Cycle 1 of CPR (30:2)
*CPR feedback devices preferred for accuracy
Child Compressions
Performs high-quality compressions*:
Hand placement on lower half of sternum
30 compressions in no less than 15 and no more
than 18 seconds
Compresses at least one third the depth of the
chest, about 2 inches (5 cm)
Complete recoil after each compression
Child Breaths
Gives 2 breaths with a barrier device:
Each breath given over 1 second
Visible chest rise with each breath
Resumes compressions in less than
10 seconds
AED (follows prompts of AED)
Powers on AED
Correctly attaches pads
Clears for analysis
Clears to safely deliver a shock
Safely delivers a shock
Cycle 2 of CPR (repeats steps in Cycle 1)
Only check box if step is successfully performed
Resumes compressions in less than 10 seconds
Resumes Compressions
Ensures compressions are resumed immediately after shock delivery
Student directs instructor to resume compressions or
Student resumes compressions
Once student shouts for help, instructor says, “Here’s the barrier device. I am going to get the AED.”
Rescuer 2 says, “Here is the AED. I’ll take over compressions, and you use the AED.”
Instructor Notes
Place a in the box next to each step the student completes successfully.
If the student does not complete all steps successfully (as indicated by at least 1 blank check box), the student must receive
remediation. Make a note here of which skills require remediation (refer to Instructor Manual for information about remediation).
Test Results
Check PASS or NR to indicate pass or needs remediation:
Instructor Initials __________ Instructor Number _____________________________ Date _____________________________
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