Dallas County Clerk - Public Information Act Records Request/Revised April 7, 2021
Dallas County Clerk
[If submitted electronically, or fax to 214-653-7566]
This form may be used only for request related to records maintained by the county clerk.
County clerk records identified as “public records” do not fall under the public information act and can be found on
the county website, i.e. court records, property records and campaign finance reports. We do not maintain court
records related to divorce or family court matters, employment records, or budget. For information related to
foreclosure property sales, please contact the Sheriff’s office, 214-653-3501.
For countywide request, please visit this page on the county’s website:
County clerk records bulk data request should be sent to:
Executed Contracts from Commissioner’s Court
Personal Financial Statements
Official Oaths and Bonds
Unclaimed Funds Listing (Trust Accounts Only)
Requestor: ________________________________________ Date: _______________
Description of information requested: _____________________________________________________________
Requestor’s Signature: ________________________________ Email address: _____________________________
Dallas County policy requires us to submit some request to the district attorney’s office for review. In the event your request requires DA
review, response time may take several days.
Received by: ___________________________________________, Deputy Clerk
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Request submitted to Civil District Attorney for review. Yes No
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