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Southampton and Eastleigh Building Control Partnership
Application for a
Regularisation Certificate
The Building Act 1984, The Building Regulations 2010
Application number:
Building Control Services, Southampton City Council
Civic Centre, Southampton SO14 7LU
Tel. 023 8083 2558
This form is to be filled in by the person who intends to carry out building work or their agent. If the
form is unfamiliar please read the accompanying notes. Please type or use block capitals.
Applicant’s details (see note 1)
Agent’s details (if applicable)
Postcode Tel
Postcode Tel
Location of building to which work relates
Address Postcode
Work carried out
Date work was carried out (see note 10)
What is the present use?
What was the previous use?
(For information see note 3 and separate charges schedule)
1. If Table A work (state number of dwellings)
2. If Table B work (state internal floor area (m
) or project category)
3. If Table C work (state the estimated cost of the work excluding VAT or project category)
Normal charge: £
Plus 40%: £
Total: £
NB. charge to accompany submission. VAT not applicable
This notice is given in relation to the building work as described, is submitted in accordance
with Regulation 18 and is accompanied by the appropriate charge.
Will the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 apply? (see note 9) Yes No
Name: Signature: Date:
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1 THE APPLICANT - is the building owner.
2 DATA PROTECTION - please note that the
information provided in this form may be passed to other sections
of the council to inform them of this Regularisation Certificate
Application. Details are also disclosed to the Ordnance Survey
Office, Southern Water and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.
consideration of an application for a Regularisation Certificate under
Regulation 18, in respect of unauthorised building work.
This charge is a single payment fee, payable at the time
of submitting an application and covers the administrative
and all appropriate site inspections. Cheques are
payable to: Southampton City Council
The charge is made at a rate of 140% of the normal
‘plan and inspection’ charges at present day rates. NOTE;
VAT is not payable on this type of charge.
The appropriate charge will be dependant upon the type
of work carried out. The scales and method of calculation are
set out in the ‘Charges Schedule’ which is available on
Estimated cost of the work will be the current cost applicable
at the time the application is submitted to the local authority.
4 PLANS - where the work consists of a new building or extension,
the application must include a site plan, drawn to scale of not less
than 1:1250 showing:
(a) size and position of building/extension and the relationship
with adjoining buildings within the site, boundaries and
(b) the layout of underground drainage (if known).
it is desirable to submit a plan showing the unauthorised
work, including any additional works to be carried out in order
to achieve compliance with any relevant requirement.
where the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies,
two further copies of the plans are required.
5 In accordance with Building Regulation 18 the council may
require an applicant to take such reasonable steps, including laying
open the unauthorised work for inspection, making tests and taking
samples as the authority think appropriate to ascertain what work, if
any, is required to secure compliance with the relevant regulations.
6 A Regularisation Certificate shall be evidence (but not
conclusive evidence) that the relevant requirements specified in the
certificate have been complied with.
7 These notes are for general guidance only, full particulars of
a ‘Regularisation’ request are contained in Regulation 18 of the
Building Regulations 2010, and in respect of charges, Council’s
Building Control Partnership Charge Scheme, applicable at the time
of submission.
8 PLANNING APPROVAL - Persons who have carried out the
building work or have made a material change of use of a building are
reminded that permission may also have been required under the Town
and Country Planning Act. For further advice and planning, telephone:
Southampton 023 8083 2603
Eastleigh 023 8068 8264
9 Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 may impose
additional requirements in relation to fire safety.
Unauthorised development may be regularised providing the
development commenced on or after 11 November 1985.
11 Further information and advice concerning Building Regulations
matters may be obtained from:
Southampton and Eastleigh Building Control Partnership
Tel. 023 8083 2558 or
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