Out-of-Field Agreement - Charter Schools
Last Name:
Loc Name:Loc #
First Name: SSN:
Course Code Numbers
I recommend the above employee to teach:
Out of Field For Student
Current Area(s) of Certification:
If I am out-of-field for ESOL, I agree to complete my ESOL training according to the Multicultural
Education Training Agreement (META) timeline.
If I am out-of-field for Gifted or Reading, I agree to complete six (6) semester hours of college
credit or 120 inservice points in the out-of-field area within 12 months from the date of my out-of-
field assignment.
If I am out-of-field in any other area(s), I agree to pass the appropriate FL Subject Area Exam
within 12 months from the date of my out-of-field assignment.
NOTE: The only ESOL
submitted on an Out-of-Field
Agreement is Category I.
Out-of-Field Date
Justification for Out-of-Field Subjects: (Not
needed for out-of-field placement in ESOL, Gifted, or Reading.
Verify acceptable certification(s) for assigned
courses by reviewing the Florida Course Directory
at http://www.fldoe.org/articulation/CCD/ prior to
submitting an Out-Of-Field Agreement.
I have verified that the above teacher holds a valid Florida Department of Education certificate and have
attached a copy of the certificate to this Agreement prior to submission for the Charter School Governing
Board representative's signature. I also understand that the Principal must monitor the teacher's out-of-field
training progress to ensure the teacher is within state-mandated out-of-field training requirements.
Attach a copy of the teacher's Florida
Department of Education certificate or
Statement of Status of Eligibility to this form.
Charter School Governing Board Representative