Ocial Transcript Request Form
(Cash, Check, Money Order, TRiO Students)
Return Address:
WWCC Admissions and Registrar
500 Tausick Way
Walla Walla, WA 99362
TRiO Student Spreadsheet? ______ Mailed ____ /____ /_____ Picked Up ____ /____ /_____ SM4015 _______
Transcript Hold: ____________________________________________
Student Informaon
Last Name ______________________________________________ First Name ______________________________________________
Student Idencaon Number (SID) __________________________________________ Last 4-Digits of SSN ___________________
Student Signature ___________________________________________________________ Date ________________________________
Transcript Order Details
Number of copies requested _____ $10.00 each. PAYMENT IS REQUIRED BEFORE ORDER IS PROCESSED.
If transcripts are being mailed to more than one address, you will need to use addional forms.
NOTE: You are responsible for providing the correct mailing address below.
Mail Transcripts To:
Previous Last Name(s) _______________________________________________________ DOB ________________________________
Oce Use Only
Email Address ______________________________________________________________ Phone Number ______________________
Send Now
Send aer current quarter grades are posted
Send after degree/certificate is posted.
TRiO Student - TRiO Advisor:_______________________________________________________
Pick-Up Date: ____________________ between 1:00-5:00pm. You will need Photo ID for pick-up.
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