Walla Walla Community College
Employee Tuition Payment Request Form
WWCC is committed to employee professional development. With pre-approval below, eligible employees employed
half-time or more may have tuition paid on their behalf up to 10 credits per quarter (participation/lab/administration/
WAOL fees, books, supplies are costs to be paid by employee).
To be completed by the Employee:
Current Quarter & Year
Last Name First Name
Faculty Classified Staff Exempt Staff
Place of Employment SID#
Employee Classification
(faculty, classified, exempt, part-time faculty)
Work Telephone # Home Telephone #
Courses to be taken:
Item # Course# Course Title Instructor Credits Day/Time Room
Employee Signature Date
To be completed by the Supervisor:
The work schedule is arranged to my satisfaction to accommodate attending the classes above.
Attending the classes is expected to have no negative impact on work performance.
Signature of Supervisor Telephone # Date
To be completed by Human Resources:
This employee is a faculty, counselor, librarian, classified, exempt professional, or administrative employee of
WWCC employed 50% full-time or more.
Signature of Human Resources Officer Telephone # Date
To be completed by Admissions/Registrar’s Office:
This person has successfully met admissions requirements and timely registered for the above class(es).
The funding source on each class is 1.
An EM unusual action code has been applied.
Signature of Admissions/Registrar’s Office Telephone # Date
To be completed by Business Services:
This person has paid the $5.00 per credit participation fee, in addition to other non-tuition fees.
The tuition balance has been charged to the professional development fund.
Signature of Business Services Telephone # Date
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I. Introduction
This Administrative Procedure is written to implement the Board of Trustees Policy which ensures
adequate funds are available so that eligible employees have the opportunity to request the College
pay their tuition should they enroll in eligible WWCC classes.
II. Employee Eligibility
This Administrative procedure applies to:
a) Classified employees employed half-time or more;
b) Faculty, counselors, and librarians employed half-time or more;
c) Exempt Professional and Administrative employees employed half-time or more.
III. Eligible Courses
Courses available under this program are limited to State-supported courses and do not include the
following: special admission courses (except with instructor approval); self-support courses;
individual study or internship courses; and contract-funded courses. All existing course
prerequisites shall apply to individuals enrolling under this tuition payment program.
IV. Procedure
A. The college will pay tuition (including facility use, technology, and matriculation fees) for
eligible employees who register for eligible courses in accordance with this procedure.
B. Eligible employees will pay a $5.00 per credit “participation fee”, in addition to paying the
cost of lab fees, special administrative fees (i.e. WAOL fee), videos, books, supplies, travel,
C. Employees participating in the program must comply with existing student enrollment
procedures and deadlines.
D. Attending classes must not interfere with scheduled work or negatively affect work
performance. If the course is scheduled to meet during the employee’s normal work day,
supervisor approval is necessary.
E. Participation is limited to not more than 10 credits per quarter. Exceptions must be
approved by Director of Human Resources.
F. Employees are eligible to participate in this program during Summer Quarter if continued
employment in the following Fall Quarter is expected.
G. Employees may register for courses under this program during quarterly registration periods
according to guidelines and schedules issued by the Admissions/Registrar’s Office, as every
other student.
H. At the time of registration, it will be the responsibility of the employee to inform the
Admissions/Registrar’s Office of his/her intent to register under this program and to
complete the Tuition Payment Request form, available at the Human Resources Office.
IV. Authority
The authority for this Administrative Procedure comes from the Board of Trustees Policy
approved 1/16/2008.