Revised 02/26/2016
Activity Approval Form
(Please type or print legibly)
Organization Name: _________________________________________________
Contact Officer: ________________________ Telephone: _________________
Contact Officer E-mail:_______________________________________________
Description of Activity: _______________________________________________
Date (s) of Activity: _____________________ Time: _____________________
Location/Room #: __________________________________
Did you reserve the room?
I understand that all North Central Texas College student organization activities must be
approved 14 days in advance. I also understand that the Director of Student Life may not
grant approval to the organization if this condition is not met or because other campus-
wide activities are scheduled that day.
I understand that North Central Texas College activities are for NCTC students unless
otherwise approved in advance by the Director of Student Life and the Dean of Student
Services. If such approval is requested, documentation describing non-College personnel
who may attend (such as families, local church group, civic club, etc) is to be attached
and submitted with this request.
In addition, until a signed copy of this form has been returned to our organization from
the Dean of Students Office, no advertising for this activity can take place. (Attached is a
copy of the flyer to be used for this event.)
Student Organization Officer Signature: Date:
Director of Student Life Date
*Make sure room has been requested or vehicle is secured before planning on an event or
activity. In addition, contact Director of Student Life for prospective dates that are available.
If needing room to have special capabilities (microphone, etc) or special set-up make an
appointment to meet with the Director of Student Life to discuss items needed for event.
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