Native Plant Permit
Application & Narrative
Native Plant Permit approval is dependent upon an approved case number.
Do not attempt to move any plant materials prior to being issued your Native Plant Permit.
Submit to Planning and Development Services One Stop Shop for review and approval.
Only complete submittals will be accepted over the counter.
(This form is not for Native Plant permits associated with Single-Family Residential building permits.)
Project Name: _____________________________________ Associated Cases (DR, PP, SA): ____________________
Project Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Parcel Number (APN)*: _______________________________ Quarter Section*: ________________________________
*For parcel info call 480-312-2356
Owner: ___________________________________________ Email: _________________________________________
Phone: ___________________________________________ Fax: __________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________________ Zip Code: __________
Proposed Salvage/Cacti Salvage Contractor: Number of protected plants to be relocated: ___________
__________________________________________________ Number of protected plants to be destroyed: __________
Tax License No.: ___________________________________ Total number of protected plants affected: ____________
Please give a brief description below of your project, including estimated timing of relocation, plant nursery
location, and any other relevant information:
Application Submittal Requirements:
Application Fee: $
3 Copies of Plant Inventory
3 Copies of Site Plan indicating proposed improvements
NAOS Protection Plan
Letter of Authorization identifying a city-approved
salvage contractor
Copy of AZ Dept of Agriculture’s Notice of Intent to
Clear Land form for a complete native plant submittal
Review time will be approximately 35 days.
Find more information online at, search: native plant
Official Use Only: Submittal Date: - NP - Plan Check No.:
Planning & Development Services Department
7447 E Indian School Road Ste 105, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
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