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Job Requisition Form
Job Title: __________________________ Dept: _____________ Hiring Mgr: _____________________
Position Information / Justification
(Indicate what changes were made to the job description, if any, or provide justification for new position attach additional sheets if
NOTE: New, updated, or existing job description must be attached for all requisitions & emailed to in a word doc format.
Reason: Type:
__ New Position __ Full Time
__ Replacement ___________________ __ Part Time (Works less than 20 hours per week)
(Name of previous incumbent) __ Temporary _____________________
(Est. length of assignment)
FLSA Status:
__ Hourly (Non-exempt) __ Salaried (Exempt)
Employment Category:
__ Faculty __ Adjunct __ Staff (Hourly) __ Administration (Salaried)
__ Tenure Track
__ Non-Tenure Track
__ 10 Month __ 12 Month __ Other: ___________ Anticipated Start (Month): ______________
Schedule: (Must be completed for hourly employees)
Please choose work days: S M T W Th F S Start Time: _________ End Time: _______
Are weekends required? ____ Yes ____ No
If yes, please explain: __________________________________________________________________
Recruitment Instructions: (indicate job boards & special advertising instructions)
Search Committee: __ Yes __ No (Committee Members will be given access to view applicants unless otherwise noted)
Membership on Search Committee for Faculty appointments are subject to the approval of the Faculty
Senate. Please see the Faculty Handbook for more details on the process.
Names of search committee members: _________________________________________________
Financial Information: Salary Range: __________________________
Budgeted: __ Yes __ No Charge to Account(s): ___________________
Approval/Signature Required:
Hiring Supervisor: ___________________________________ Date: ________________
Business Office:_____________________________________ Date: ________________
Cabinet Member: ____________________________________ Date: ________________