Junior Leadership Johnston County
Junior Leadership Johnston is a program to assist emerging youth in their efforts to prepare for
leadership positions in business, community, education and government affairs in their future
At least one student will be selected from each high school
The summer program will be held June 17-21, 2019
A mandatory orientation will be held prior to the program week to familiarize parents
and/or guardians and participants with the specifics of the program
Participants will be involved in five days of programmed activities including (but not
limited to):
o Business & Industry
o Health & Human Services
o Education & Tourism
o Government & Public Safety
o Presentation preparation
Participants will be involved in classroom activities each day (self-assessments,
teambuilding, communications, ethics, etiquette, presentation skills, etc.) and tours of
local businesses and agencies, as well as panel discussions
Participants will work in teams to produce a project related to the week of activities, to be
presented at the banquet on June 21, 2019
Must be a current sophomore (rising junior for 2019-2020 school year)
Must have an A/B grade average
Must attend one of the nine public high schools, Neuse Charter School or be home
schooled in Johnston County
Must participate in all sessions if selected
Must complete application electronically and submit application and reference letter to:
Junior Leadership Johnston Advisory Board
135 Best Wood Drive
Clayton, NC 27520
Application may be dropped off, it does not have to be mailed.
Lunch and snacks will be provided daily. Participants will receive a t-shirt, as well as a
certificate of completion at the end of the week-long program.
Participants MUST agree to attend ALL 5 days of the summer program and the banquet to
graduate with a certificate from the program.
For inquires or additional questions, contact Joy Callahan, 919-209-2027.
The deadline to submit an application is March 22, 2019.
(Please complete electronically or use an INK PEN & PRINT LEGIBLY)
Name: ________________________________________________________________________
Last First MI Preferred Name
Age: ________ Race: __________ Male: Female:
Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________________
Street/PO Box
City State Zip
Home Address: ____________________________________________________________
(if different) Street
City State Zip
Applicant Home Phone Number: ___________________________________________________
Applicant Cell Phone Number: ____________________________________________________
Applicant E-mail address: ________________________________________________________
School currently attending: _______________________________________________________
Current Grade Level: ____________
Parental/Guardian Commitment Statement
I have reviewed the Junior Leadership Johnston Application and agree to support this
educational project. I am aware that if my child is selected, he/she will be involved in Junior
Leadership Johnston for five (5) days during the summer.
______________________________________________ ______________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature Date
1. How did you learn about the Junior Leadership Johnston program?
2. What do you hope to gain from participating in the Junior Leadership Johnston program?
3. List honors and awards you have received for school and non-school related activities
during your high school career:
4. What do you consider your highest accomplishment, skill or achievement so far?
5. List up to three community, school, religious or other organizations of which you have
been a member:
Organization Date Highest Position Held
_________________________ _________________ __________________________
_________________________ __________________ __________________________
_________________________ __________________ __________________________
6. Referring back to question #5, what have you accomplished or learned through these
opportunities that you think is important?
7. List any work experience (volunteer or paid).
8. Describe your career goals:
9. In your opinion, what are the three most important issues facing young adults in Johnston
County today? What leaders or groups do you think should or could address each issue?
Explain why.
(You may answer this question on a separate sheet of paper. Please type your
response or use an ink pen and print legibly. Be sure it is included when submitting
your application.)
Name one (1) person (non-related) who is knowledgeable of your leadership performance and
potential. Attach a reference letter from this person which addresses your leadership potential.
Reference Name: _______________________________________________________________
Reference Email Address: ________________________________________________________
Reference Phone Number: ________________________________________________________