Iowa Business Tax Change
Request for Change, or Correction, or Copy of Tax Permit
92-033a (07/27/2021)
Complete this form to change information relating to your business’s tax permit. You can also
change your information online at for expedited processing.
Legal name: _____________________________________________________________________
Doing business as: _______________________________________________________________
Provide a social security number if the business is registered as a sole proprietor or single member
LLC. Provide a Federal Employer Identification Number for all other business types.
Social Security Number (SSN): ______________________________________________________
Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN): _________________________________________
Headquarters address: ____________________________________________________________
City: ________________________________________State: ______ ZIP: ____________________
Phone: _________________________________________________________________________
Changes requested, check all that apply:
Sales Tax, Automobile Rental, Hotel and Motel Permit: _________________________________
Consumer’s Use Tax Permit: _________________________________
Retailer’s Use Tax Permit: _________________________________
Water Service Excise Tax Permit: _________________________________
Income Tax Withholding Permit: _________________________________
Fuel Tax Permit or License: _________________________________
Corporation FEIN: _________________________________
1. Change Legal Name
Permits are not transferrable. If ownership is changing, all existing permits must be cancelled,
and you must reapply for new permits under the newly named entity. If the new name is not
recognizable by the existing name, include supporting documentation such as Articles of
Amendment or verification that the IRS has updated your organization including the same name
and FEIN.
Reason for change: _____________________________________________________________
Current legal name: _____________________________________________________________
New legal name: ______________________________________________________________
2. Change “Doing Business As" Name
Doing business as” may vary for each business location.
Prior “doing business as” name: ___________________________________________________
New “doing business as” name: ___________________________________________________
For Office Use Only:
Iowa Business Tax Change, page 2
92-033b (10/29/2021)
3. Change Individuals Associated with the Entity.
To add, revoke, or change authority of an individual to act on behalf of the entity, use the IA 2848
IDR Power of Attorney Form, Representative Certification Form, or the IA 8821 Tax Information
Disclosure Form, as appropriate.
4. Change Business Location Address
If you are moving to a new location, this will lead to a new sales permit number being assigned to
Prior location name: ____________________________________________________________
New location name: _____________________________________________________________
New location address: ___________________________________________________________
City: _____________________________________ State: ______ ZIP: ___________________
Effective date: _____________________________
Type of products or services sold. See the North American Industry Classification System
(NAICS) for more information. Changing NAISC code?
Choose new code that best describes your business: __________________________________
5. Change Business Mailing Address
Check if same as business location address in section 4.
Mailing address will be effective for all tax permits listed. If you want a different mailing address
for each tax permit checked on page one, include a separate sheet.
New mailing address: ___________________________________________________________
City: _____________________________________ State: ______ ZIP: ___________________
6. Change Filing Frequency
For more information about filing frequencies, visit Changes to and from annual filing
are effective January 1. Requests received after April 30 will take effect on January 1 of the
following year. All other filing frequencies may be changed at the start of a future calendar quarter.
Reason for change: ____________________________________________________________
Effective date: _______________________
Sales or Retailer’s Use Tax Permit: Enter your projected sales tax per year: ________________
Consumer’s Use Tax Permit: Enter your projected purchases per year: ____________________
Income Tax Withholding Tax Permit: Enter projected withholding tax per year: _______________
7. Request Copy of Permit
Sales Tax, Automobile Rental, Hotel and Motel Permit: _______________________________
Consumer’s Use Tax Permit: ______________________________
Retailer’s Use Tax Permit: ______________________________
Water Service Excise Tax Permit: ______________________________
Income Tax Withholding Permit: ______________________________
Fuel Tax Permit or License: ______________________________
Iowa Business Tax Change, page 3
92-033c (07/27/2021)
8. Signature
This application must be signed by the owner, partner, or corporate officer.
I, the undersigned, declare under penalties of perjury or false certificate, that I have examined
this form, and, to the best of my knowledge and belief, it is true, correct, and complete.
Signature: _______________________________________ Date: _______________________
Print name: ___________________________ Phone: _________________________________
Contact name: _________________________ Contact email: ___________________________
The integrity and security of sending personal information via fax or email cannot be guaranteed.
By submitting this form via fax or email, you agree to hold the Department harmless if a fax or an
email results in third party access to the information.
Submit this form by:
Fax: 515-281-3906
Mail to: ATTN Registration Services
Iowa Department of Revenue
PO Box 10470
Des Moines IA 50306-0470
Contact Taxpayer Services
Phone: 515-281-3114 or 800-367-3388