Illinois Department of Revenue
IL-4506 Request for Copy of Tax Return
IL-4506 (R-02/20)
When should I complete this form?
You should complete this form if you need a copy of your tax return and any
attachment to that return. A separate Form IL-4506, Request for Copy of Tax
Return, must be completed for each tax type requested. There is a $5 charge
for each copy of the return, which includes all attachments, and an additional
$5 charge if you want the document certified.
What should I provide with this form?
You must submit a copy of a government-issued identification such as:
a driver's license,
a passport, or
another government-issued form of identification.
In addition, if you are not the taxpayer, please enclose a copy of your authorization
to receive this information. You may submit a power of attorney, tax information
authorization, or (if the taxpayer is deceased) a certified copy of your letters
of administration or testamentary. If more than one year has passed since the
letters were issued, you must also send a certification from the clerk of the court
stating they are still in effect.
What is certification?
Certification is confirmation that the reproduction of your tax return and any
attachment is true and correct. We will certify your copy by stamping the face
of the return. Certification usually is required only for judicial or administrative
proceedings or for attachments to another state’s tax return.
What is my identification number?
Your identification number is the series of numbers you used to file your
original tax document. You must use this same identification number to obtain
a copy of your tax return. The most common identification numbers used are:
Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) for all business, trust,
estate, and withholding tax returns;
Social Security numbers (SSN) for individual income tax returns;
Illinois account ID numbers for sales tax returns;
License numbers for motor fuel, cigarette, and liquor tax returns; and
Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN). Attach a copy of the title if requesting
vehicle tax documents.
This form is authorized as outlined under the Illinois Income Tax Act. Disclosure of
this information is required. Failure to provide information could result in a penalty.
(Vehicle Identification Number or Hull#)
Printed by the authority of the State of Illinois
(Web only)
Step 1: Provide taxpayer information (REQUIRED)
Name of taxpayer as written on tax document
Identification number (FEIN, SSN,or Account ID)
Street address as written on tax document
City, state, and ZIP as written on tax document
Step 4: Figure the amount you owe
11 Multiply the amount from Step 3, Line 10, by $5 $ 14 Add Lines 11 and 13.
12 Number of documents you want certified
This is the amount you owe. $
13 Multiply the amount from Line 12 by $5 $
Step 2: Provide mailing information
(if different than in Step 1)
Name of person to whom documents should be sent
Mailing address where the documents should be sent
City, state, and ZIP where the documents should be sent
Step 3: Provide tax document information
6 What type of tax document are you requesting? (check one below)
Individual Income Tax Return (IL-1040, IL-1040-X)
Business Income Tax Return (Corporation, Trust, Estate, Partnership)
Withholding Income Tax Return (IL-941, IL-941-X)
Sales and Related (ST-1, ST-4, ST-8, ST-14, ST-44, ST-556, RUT-25,
RUT-50, RUT-75). If a vehicle, provide VIN or Hull# in Step 1 above.
7 What is the document form number that you are requesting?
(IL-1040, RUT-50, etc.)
8 What tax period(s) or year(s) are you requesting?
(If a vehicle, month/year of purchase)
9 How many copies of each do you need?
10 Total number of copies requested:
Note: There is a $5 charge for each copy of the return, which includes all attachments, and an
additional $5 charge per document for certified copies.
(Any other tax type/document not listed above)
Note: If you only want certain documents certified, tell us which
documents to certify:
Note: We must receive your payment made payable to "Illinois
Department of Revenue" before we can complete your request.
Mail this form along with your check to:
PO BOX 19014
Step 5: Sign below
I declare that I am either the taxpayer identified on Line 1, or a person authorized to obtain the information requested. I acknowledge that the Illinois Department
of Revenue (IDOR) will release the tax information requested to a person other than the taxpayer only as authorized by law, and that IDOR has no control over
that person's use of the information.
Signature as written on original document Print Name Date Daytime phone number
NOTE: If you are a corporate officer or employee who did not sign the original return and if you are asking that the copy of the return be sent to an address other
than the one on the return, please have the request signed by a principal officer of the corporation. This signature must be witnessed by another officer and a
corporate seal, if available, must be applied.
( )
Processed by: _________________ Date: _______________________________
Batch number: _____________________
Do not write below this line
Note: We cannot send your documents to another government agency or department on
your behalf.
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