International Student Program
7250 Mesa College Drive, San Diego, CA 92111-4998
(619) 388-2717 (619) 388-2960 FAX
Dear International Students:
If you are transferring to San Diego Mesa College from another school in the United States,
please have the school you are presently attending or last attended complete this transfer clearance verification.
Please submit with your completed application materials to San Diego Community College District-San Diego
Mesa College (School Code: SND214F00408000) or have your school official FAX to the number above.
Transfer Clearance Verification To Be Completed
By The Designated School Official
Name of student: SEVIS ID#
Name of school:
Attendance dates at the school: From To
Last date (expected last date) of attendance:
SEVIS Release Date:
Did the student maintain full-time status? Number of units completed by the student:
Does the student have any financial obligation to your school?
List type and dates of all practical training authorized
Is the student in good academic standing? Is the student welcome to continue at your school?
Any comments or concerns about the student?
Type of program taken (English Language, Academic, Vocational/Technical, etc)
Major course of study:
Signature of the Designated School Official Date
Print the name of the school official
SEVIS school number:
Phone No:
School address:
E-mail address:
Apply School Seal Here
Title of the school official:
This form is also available online at:
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