New Strategic Humanitarian Assistance Guidance
Consultation Paper
We would welcome your comments on the new draft strategic guidance on Humanitarian Assistance.
Question 1: Please tell us your name and interest in the HA guidance eg; are you a member of an LRF,
emergency planner, a responder, a volunteer?
Question 2: Is this a collective response? If it is please tell us who contributed to the response
Question 3: Do you agree with the definition of Humanitarian Assistance? If not, how should it be
Question 4: Do you think that the Strategic Guidance will help those who read it build and develop their
capability to provide Humanitarian Assistance? If not, why not?
Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Question 5: Does the guidance provide enough useful suggestions and directions on how to deal with
aspects of Humanitarian Assistance such as needs of people over time and exit strategy? If not, what
else should it cover?
Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Question 6: Do you think that the guidance addresses the medium and longer term provision of care
adequately? If not, how could we improve this?
Question 7: Does the Capability Building Framework provide all the relevant steps required. If not, what
steps are missing?
Question 8: Do you think that the model provided could be easily adapted by your organization? If not,
why not?
Question 9: What parts/ stages of the guidance will be of most use to you, and why?
Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Question 10: What parts/stages of the guidance do you consider less useful/ irrelevant, and why?
Question 11: Will you use this guidance to increase the profile of HA in your organization? If not, why not?
Question 12: Please make any suggestions on how the guidance could be improved in the space below
Question 13: Outside the guidance is there anything further that you would like to see to help build your
ability to provide Humanitarian Assistance?
Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Question 15: Do you have any ideas on how we can ensure that the Sharepoint is adopted and used by
HA practitioners?
Question 16: The Sharepoint site will be available on the National Resilience Extranet (NRE) due for
launch in 2010. Do you agree that this would be a suitable site? If not, can you suggest an alternative
Question 17: Please make any further comments on the HA Sharepoint in the space below
Question 14: Do you think that the Sharepoint will be a useful resource? If not, why not?
Humanitarian Assistance Sharepoint
Demonstration Documents
Question 18: Do the subject headings on the demonstration documents make it easy to find the
information you need?
Question 19: Are there any documents that are missing from the demonstration documents listed? Please
provide links to these where possible
Question 20: Are there any demonstration documents that you consider to be unsuitable for inclusion in
the Sharepoint? Please give details
Thank you for participating in the consultation.
Please save the form and email it back to: