Applicant (individual or corporation): _____________________________________________________
Person completing Application on behalf of the Corporation (print name): ________________________
Address (to send information re: the Reservation): _____________________________________
City, State & Zip: _____________________________________________________________________
Phone: (H) _____________________ Phone: (C) _________________________
Email: _____________________________________________________
Type of event: _______________________________________________________________________
Estimated Attendance: _____________________ *Building capacity is limited to 63 guests.
Rental Date and Time: Please check an option below.
Event Date: ________________________ ** Applicants can reserve only one date for an event.
The City will not hold multiple dates for an Applicant.
(Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays Starting 3
Week of May through 2
week of August)
Event Times: Select one below.
_____________ 10 a.m.-2:00 p.m.; or (min. 2 hours)
_____________ 3 p.m.-7 p.m. (min. 2 hours)
(please see minimum rental time below, including set-up/tear-down time)
Rental Fee _____________________________ (please see rental rates below)
Applicant’s State Issued Photo ID must be emailed to
. Reservation is not
complete until a state issued photo ID is provided to the Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department.
Hilliard’s Station Park Facility Rules & Policies
Reservations shall be made at least thirty (30) days in advance of the Event Date above at
. Payment of a $200.00 refundable deposit (the “Deposit”) and the full Rental Fee
is required in order to reserve your Event Date. The Deposit and Rental Fee must be paid by major credit
card or debit card at the time of reservation. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations listed
below, or causing damage to the Facility, will result in the forfeiture of your Deposit. At the conclusion of
your event, and provided that no damage to the Facility was incurred; the Facility is left in the same or
better condition than before your event; and all of the rules and regulations were followed by you and
Hilliard’s Station Park
4021 Main Street
Hilliard, Ohio 43026
your guests, the City will refund your Deposit within five (5) business days. All refunds will be credited
to the credit or debit card used for the Deposit.
Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis and will be accepted starting the first business Monday
in January for that calendar year.
Deposit: $200.00 (refundable deposit once reservation is complete. Please see the section
regarding potential refund.)
Resident: $75.00/hr. (min. 2 hours) = $150.00
Non-Resident: $100.00/hr. (min. 2 hours) = $200.00
Non-Profit: $60.00/hr. (min. 2 hours) = $120.00
(Must provide current copy of incorporation papers indicating tax exempt status)
A City staff representative shall be on duty during the specified event times to answer any questions. The
City staff representative will open and close the Facility. Ensure that your specified event time allows
sufficient time to prepare for your event, including time for caterers, decorating, chair arrangement, etc.,
and for all clean-up.
The rental fee includes 5 round table and 40 chairs. The building does not come equipped with
running water/sink area, refrigerator/freezer or Air Conditioning. The glass garage style doors do
open if you wish to do so. The staff is not responsible to restrict the public from entering your event
Events exceeding the time allotted for the reservation will be charged at one and a half times the hourly
rate until the Facility is vacated.
Cancellation Policy:
The City of Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department reserves the right to cancel any Facility agreement
in the event of fire, accident, strike, delays, flood, acts of God or other causes beyond the control of the
City that renders use of the Facility impossible or impractical. There is a potential for unforeseen closure
of the fountains due maintenance or emergencies. If the City of Hilliard cancels a reservation for
whatever reason, the City will issue you a full refund.
If you need to cancel your Event Date, you must submit your cancellation in writing to the Hilliard
Recreation and Parks Department to the attention of Hayley Bush at A refund
(less the deposit) is granted when the cancellation is more than fourteen (14) days prior to the Event Date.
Refunds for cancellations made less than fourteen (14) days prior to the Event Date will not be granted,
unless unusual or unexpected circumstances arise that make it impossible or impractical to move forward
with the Event, such as, but not limited to, death or illness of the Event Planner, host or that of the
intended recipient of the Event (such as a graduate, mother-to-be, etc.), may be granted on a case-by-case
basis by the Director of Recreation and Parks.
No refunds will be provided for a failure to cancel as provided above, or failure to appear for the Event on
the Event Date.
If you desire to reschedule your Event Date, rather than cancel, you must submit your request in writing
to the Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department to the attention of Hayley Bush at If the new proposed Event Date is available, the Hilliard Recreation and Parks
Department will inform you immediately in writing and will change the Event Date for no additional cost.
If the new Event Date is not available, the Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department will inform you
immediately and you will have the option of retaining or cancelling your original Event Date.
The City constructed the Facility at Hilliard’s Station Park for the use and enjoyment of its residents. As a
tax-exempt municipal corporation, the City established its fees to cover operational costs and to help pay
for necessary repairs, maintenance costs and general upkeep. Use of the Facility to raise funds to benefit
candidates for political/public offices is strictly prohibited.
Hilliard’s Station Park Facility Rules:
1. Applicants shall not rent the Facility for purposes of making a profit. Applicants shall not
charge a fee for admission to its event.
2. Concessions, retail or other type of sales are strictly prohibited.
3. Games of chance shall not be operated in the Facility.
4. Programs, literature or any publicity by the applicant promoting its use of the Facility shall
not identify the City of Hilliard as a sponsor or co-sponsor.
5. Applicant is solely responsible for damage to, or loss of, any property of the Applicant/lessee
or of others brought into the Facility prior to, during or after Applicant’s rental of the Facility.
Applicant is responsible for any damages to the Facility incurred as a result of its Event.
6. Applicant agrees to take full responsibility for his/her actions and the actions of his/her guests
and agrees to abide by the City of Hilliard Policies, Rules and Regulations, and shall hold the
City harmless thereon.
7. Firearms are not permitted on the premises in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code
2923.126 (B) (9). Persons in violation are subject to immediate ejection and arrest.
8. All personal equipment must be removed immediately from the Facility at the conclusion of
the Event. Items being rented from vendors must be dropped off and picked up on the same
day of the Event, unless advance arrangements have been made.
9. Applicant is responsible for any damages to the Facility and shall be billed accordingly.
Restitution to the City for any damages incurred during its use of the Facility shall be the
responsibility of the Applicant.
10. Pursuant to City of Hilliard Ordinance No. 17-21, this is a non-smoking Facility, including
inside and outside the Facility.
11. The Applicant must be present during the Event. The reservation may not be reassigned to
another person/organization without prior approval from the Hilliard Recreation and Parks
12. Doors must remain unlocked during Applicant’s Event. The Facility will be locked and
secured by a staff member at the conclusion of the Event.
13. Applicant must adhere to the occupancy regulations. A City of Hilliard staff member will be
on duty during the Event and will have full authority to request that anyone leave the Facility
who is behaving in a manner that is disruptive, threatening, reckless, damaging, or for
conduct that is likely to damage or harm the Facility, its contents and/or another person.
Should the group resist or defy the staff’s authority, the City may immediately cancel the
group’s permit and request the assistance of the Hilliard Division of Police to vacate the area.
14. City of Hilliard staff members and/or Hilliard Division of Police have the right to enter the
Facility at any time.
15. All aisles leading to exit doors must remain clear and unobstructed so that the doors can be
readily opened.
16. It is the policy of the Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department to rent the Facility for public
purposes and in conformity with the City’s tax-exempt status. Examples of prohibited events
include political fundraisers, selling merchandise, or charging for service at the event.
Examples of permitted events include birthday parties, baby showers, book clubs, anniversary
celebrations, meetings, and having a fundraiser for a non-profit organization. These lists are
not exhaustive. If in doubt as to whether the event is permissible, please confer with Hilliard
Recreation and Parks Department staff.
17. Bands, food trucks, vendors, caterers, performers, entertainers, etc. must be approved 14 days
prior to reservation date by the Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department. Additional
fees/deposits/permits may be warranted depending on the type of entertainment.
18. The City has the right, in its sole discretion, to demand proof of liability insurance from the
Applicant, in amounts deemed sufficient by the City, depending on the type of Event
Applicant desires to host at the Facility, which policy shall name the City as an additional -
19. Pets are not permitted in the Facility, with the exception of a licensed service animal.
20. Outdoor space is not available for rent. During the months of May through August, the
fountains and spray pad will not be turned off and closed for the Event.
21. Vehicles must be parked in designated Parking areas. Absolutely no vehicles are to be parked
on the grounds of the park.
22. Decorations are not to be nailed, stapled or taped to any surface i.e. walls, ceilings,
moldings, windows or doors. White office sticky tack may be used (not blue sticky tack).
23. No confetti, glitter, sand, rice, birdseed, silly string or fireworks are permitted
24. No open flames, including candles, are permitted. Flameless candles, crock pots, warming
dishes and chafing dishes with sterno are permitted.
25. Glass bottles are not permitted in the Facility.
26. No fried foods shall be prepared and cooked inside the Facility.
27. The Facility must be cleaned, floors swept and mopped if necessary at the conclusion of the
Event. Counters and tables are to be wiped cleaned. Trash must be bagged and placed in the
designated location. The Facility must be left in the condition it was prior to the Event.
I, ______________________________________ (applicant) agree to abide by all of the above rules and
regulations governing my (our) use of the Facility. I also agree and understand that I,
_______________________ shall be responsible for costs incurred to remedy any and all damage(s) to
personal or real property resulting from use of the Facility for my Event and shall reimburse the City for
those costs in the event that we/I do not make those repairs within five (5) days of the Event Date.
Applicant Signature: ______________________________________________ Date: ______________
Applicant Print Name: _____________________________________________
Applicant’s Non-Profit Organization: ______________________________________________________
Additional Notes Regarding Set Up or Special Arrangements:
Office Use Only:
Deposit Amount Paid: ______________ Date: _______________
Rental Fee Paid: ___________________ Date: _______________
Employee Approval: ________________________ Date: ________
State ID Obtained: ____________
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