HEAR: Application for approval of a new activity
This form is for applications for new activities to be added to the approved list for Section 6.1 of DMU’s HEAR (Higher
Education Achievement Report). The current list is available at
Please complete the fields below, then save the form and email it to hear@dmu.ac.uk.
Applications will be considered by the HEAR Working Group. If approved, the applicant will be informed and the
process for verification will be clarified with the applicant. If the application is not approved, the applicant will be
informed of the reason.
Applications can be submitted throughout the year. Those submitted after 18th April will join the list of activities to
be considered for the next academic year.
Name of applicant Date of application (dd/mm/yyyy)
Job title Department
Name of project/initiative nominated for HEAR inclusion
Description of the project/initiative
The activity can be verified by the University YES NO
Describe the systems/processes used to verify the activity
Please answer one of the 3 statements below
1. The activity is open to all students at DMU
2. The activity is open to students from a specific academic cohort
3. The activity is restricted to certain representative students
Describe the cohort of students that this activity will be open to
The activity is directly part of the academic credit-bearing curriculum YES NO
The activity is a DMU recognised employment/employability scheme YES NO
The activity will be completed and verified before the students have completed their academic programme YES NO
Please attach any additional information in support of your application.