EU STUDENTS (receiving Student Finance England Maintenance Loan)
IMPORTANT - only complete this form if:
you are currently registered on your course
you are still living in the UK (EU students)
the Coronavirus (Covid-19) has put you in financial hardship
P Number Telephone number
EU students only: country of origin
Please tick if you are a Home student
Please tick if you are an EU student (in receipt of Maintenance Loan funding)
Please provide details of any of
children aged 18-years-old or under,
who live with you
and are
financially dependent on you during the academic year:
Full name(s) Age(s)
Full name(s) Date of birth Age(s)
Please tick ONE of the following that explains your financial hardship:
Evidence you will need to supply if you are currently working:
Three most recent payslips (for example, the last 3 months) from your current employer
Contract of employment from your current employer
If applicable, letter/email from your current employer informing you that they have had to close due to
government guidelines about the Coronavirus
If self-isolating, you can get a sick note from NHS111 via their website 111.nhs.uk/isolation-note/
You will need to scan these documents and attach them to your email.
You can use ‘Adobe Scan’ which is a free app that scans documents into PDF format.
It is available via the Apple Store or Google Play
Evidence required:
You are currently employed but are unable to work because you need to self-isolate
for 12 weeks
You are currently employed but are unable to work because you need to self-isolate
for 12 weeks due to an underlying health condition
You are currently employed but are unable to work because you are caring for a
child/ partner/ family member due to Covid-19 guidelines
You are currently employed but your employer has recently closed due to
Covid-19 guidelines
Significant currency devaluation in your country of origin due to the Coronavirus
(EU students)
Bank Account [1] Sort Code
(e.g. HSBC/Lloyds)
Account Number
Your name (as it appears on your account)
Bank Account [2] Sort Code
(e.g. HSBC/Lloyds)
Account Number
Your name (as it appears on your account)
Bank Account [3] Sort Code
(e.g. HSBC/Lloyds)
Account Number
Your name (as it appears on your account)
You must enter your bank details onto MyDMU.
This is how we will pay an award to you, if one is due.
click on the ‘MY BANK ACCOUNT’ tile
click on the ‘Add Account’ button (bottom left) and
input your bank details
click on the ‘Save’ button (bottom right)
www.dmu.ac.uk/mydmuchanges ‘My Bank Account’
Quick Start Guide for more details
Have you been able to input your
details onto MyDMU?
Yes No
Any problems using the tile, contact:
Income Office (0116) 207 8810,
For technical issues, contact:
ITMS Service Desk (0116) 250 6050,
How many bank accounts do you have? (you must include all current/ savings/ joint accounts)
Your bank details:
We need to know how many UK bank accounts you have and what the current balance is for each one
Please list all your UK bank accounts below:
Evidence required:
Evidence you will need to supply:
The current balance for ALL of your
accounts on the date you apply.
This can be either:
Scan of ATM balance printout
Scan of mini statement
Scan of bank statement
Screenshot of phone bank app
Photo of online banking screen
It needs to show your name, account
details (sort code, account number)
You need to choose which account you want a payment made to (if successful):
If you can’t add an account to MyDMU, which account do you choose? (Bank Account 1/ 2/ 3)
and the
The University collects information about students for various administrative, academic and health and safety
reasons. We will store this information confidentially for 3 years. Because of the Data Protection Act we need
your consent before we can do this. Since we cannot operate the University effectively without processing
information about you, we need you to sign the following consent to process clause.
I agree to DMU processing personal data contained in this form or other data which the University may obtain
from time-to-time from me or other people whilst I am a student. I agree to the processing of this data for this
application. Further information is available on DMU’s website at
DMU is committed to protecting the funds with which it has been entrusted. We may use the information you
have provided to detect and prevent fraud. Applicants to the DMU Support Fund should make themselves
familiar with the University’s Anti-fraud Policy, alongside Disciplinary Code Part C 5.5, Student Regulations.
You must complete the declaration below
Once you have filled in your application form and obtained all the evidence we need,
please email the form and evidence as electronic documents
(for example PDFs) to: covid19hardshipfund@dmu.ac.uk
Please tick all of the boxes:
I have filled in all of the application form that is applicable to me
I have supplied the evidence required as electronic format (PDF)
You must certify that:
I have read and fully understood the Data Protection Act 1998/GDPR and the Anti-fraud Policy (above)
I declare that to the best of my knowledge the information I have given on this form is correct.
I understand that giving false information will automatically disqualify my application and may also lead
to disciplinary procedures resulting in possible expulsion from the University, I further undertake to repay
any grants obtained by me as a result.
Your Name (in capitals) we will use this as your electronic signature