STEP 1: Complete the following TMC forms (included below):
a. S
BA 504 Application
b. Personal Information Form
STEP 2: Gather the following Business & Tax Documents
a. Personal tax returns for the past three years complete with all schedules (Federal only)
b. Business ta
x returns for the past three years, complete with all schedules (Federal only)
c. Year-To-D
ate Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet
d. Business tax returns for the past two years for any other business in which you hold a
controlling interest (Federal only- if applicable)
STEP 3: Upload
your completed forms and scanned documents to our SECURE FILE TRANSFER SYSTEM
If the required information above is not readily available to you, please contact us so we can help.
We are always available to answer any questions you may have and we look forward to working
with you.
Contact TMC Financing:
Business Information
Company name: Nature of business:
Company website: Owner since:
Company Ownership:
Name: Title: % Ownership:
Name: Title: % Ownership:
Name: Title: %
1. Does your company operate under a franchise or dealer agreement?
(If yes please attach a copy of your current agreement)
2. Does one customer represent more than 50% of your total sales?
TMC Financing
SBA 504 Application
Project Information
Project Address:
Individual(s) Corporation LLC Partnership Trust Unknown
Entity name (if known):
2. What is the square footage of the property to be acquired (if known)?
3. What is the square footage your company will occupy?
4. How many locations do you currently have?
5. How many (if any) will be replaced by the new location?
6. What is the current rent of the location(s) to be vacated and/or
replaced by the building purchase?
7. How will you hold title to the new property?
1. Estimated costs
Building purchase price: Improvements: Other:
8. Could your building be considered a “historic property”?
1. Are you a United States citizen?
If you are NOT a citizen, are you a legal permanent resident?
2. Have you been arrested in the past six months for any criminal offense?
3. Are you presently on probation, subject to an indictment, criminal information,
arraignment, or other means by which formal criminal charges are brought in any
4. For any criminal offense – other than a minor vehicle violation – have you ever:
a) been convicted; b) plead guilty; c) plead no contest; d) been placed on pretrial
diversion; or e) been placed on any form of parole or probation (including probation
before judgment).
5. Do you currently have any federal debt? (SBA loans, student loans, and/or
disaster loans)
6. Have you or your company defaulted, settled or compromised a government loan,
federal taxes, or otherwise caused an agency of the government to sustain a loss?
7. Have you been involved in bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings?
8. Are you or your business involved in any pending lawsuits?
9. Have you been 60+ days delinquent in court-ordered child support payments?
By submitting electronically, I/We authorize TMC/SBA to make inquiries as necessary to verify the accuracy of
these statements and to determine creditworthiness. I/We certify that the information provided is true and
accurate as of the stated date. These statements are made for the purpose of obtaining a loan.
TMC Financing
Spouse name:
Home address:
Email: Phone:
Are you a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces? (If yes, ask about our Vet Loan Program)
Personal Information
All applicants with 20% ownership (and greater) of the company or real estate must complete this form.
(If Applicable)
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