Bulk Refuse Self-Help Program
City of Borger Department of Public Works
801 N. Florida Street, Borger, TX 79007
Phone: (806) 273-0976 · Fax: (806) 273-2685
General Overview
The City of Borger Bulk Refuse Self-Help Program provides the use of a City container (dump truck, dump trailer or
roll-off) on a first come first serve basis to residential water customers to assist in the removal of bulk items from
residential areas. Once availability and eligibility are confirmed, City Staff will set the container at the requested
address on the morning of the approved date. The container will be removed the following morning, or in the
case of containers set on Friday, on Monday morning. Any vehicle used will remain locked during the time left at
the residential address. The container must be placed/parked on the street or on an improved driveway/surface
and the driver will have the sole decision on final position.
Request Information
Site Address:
Water Account #:
Water Account Name:
Requested Date:
Requested Set Location:
Street Driveway
Use restricted to residential water customers only with a service and set address inside the city limits.
Resident requesting and signing this form must match the name on the water account.
No Commercial Businesses, Contractors or Construction Materials
Residential bulk refuse items, including tree limbs, appliances, old furniture, mattresses household trash will incur NO
FEE. If mixing item types, items must be separated (i.e. limbs in the back furniture in the front).
If used by a residential customer for the disposal of construction material (lumber, sheetrock, shingles and/or
carpet), a fee of $51.50 per ton will be added to the next water bill.
Any tires found in the container will be charged at $2 per tire. Tires on rims will be charged at $5.
The refuse placed in the container must be placed evenly and the resident listed above must ensure that the refuse
will ride properly when removed from the site. Refuse may not be stacked above the side of the container.
The resident indicated on this form shall be responsible for all material found or disposed of in the container.
Under no circumstances shall a container be parked or placed blocking an alley.
No liquids, chemicals, batteries, cross ties / railroad ties, concrete or large amounts of dirt.
Final determination on set location will remain at the discretion of the driver.
The city cannot guarantee the type of container set and the container set will be dependent upon availability.
A resident may only use a container no more than once per week. The service assists citizens in disposing of bulk
items and to enhance community efforts towards improved health and beautification.
To schedule or cancel please call the Transfer Station at (806) 273-0976.
Applicant Signature
I have read the requirements above and understand that failure to comply with these requirements will result in the assessment of the appropriate
disposal fee. I further agree to pay for all charges that might be incurred and understand that failure to pay could result in legal action against me
and I could be excluded from using this program in the future.
Applicant Signature:
Staff Use ONLY:
Date Set:
Date Returned:
Fee Calculation (If applicable)
Construction Material Disposal
$51.50 per ton
Tire Disposal
$2 per tire
Tire with Rim Disposal
$5 per set
Non-Compliance Fee
Total Amount Due:
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