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Account # (Environmental Services Staff Only): 88 -___ ___ ___ ___ - 00
Construction Waste Services Application Form
Construction Waste dumpsters in the City of Frisco must be serviced through scheduling at City of Frisco. For
processing, this application requires all blanks to be filled in and an understanding of the service agreements with
the City including a $1,000 deposit for each trash dumpster. Deposits can be made in cash, check or credit card
(MasterCard, AMEX, or Discover) + a 2% service fee. Cash, check, or credit card deposits can be made in person or
overnight mail can be sent to 6616 Walnut Street, 8 a.m. 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Payments with a credit
card must be made online at https://www.municipalonlinepayments.com/friscotx/utilities . Note, checks cannot
be sent via regular USPS mail. Deposits will only be applied to the initial delivery and final haul. Any remaining
balance will be mailed to the provided address within 2-4 weeks of the final bill. To request a final haul, all
outstanding balances must be paid in full. To avoid delays, inquire about a final balance 1-2 business days prior to
needing the can removed. No final removals can be completed with an outstanding balance. Completed
applications and deposits must be received by 3 p.m. for next-day delivery.
□ This is an add-on dumpster to an active account (please fill in account number above)
Date_____________ Tax ID Number (DL # for individuals)__________________________________________
Billing Information: Company_______________________________________________________________
Name _________________________________________ Number_____________________________________
E-mail _____________________________________________________________________________________
Project Contact: Name ___________________________ Number ___________________________________
Service Address _____________________________________________________________________________
Placement Location __________________________________________________(Cannot accept ‘Call for Placement’)
Quantity / Size: 20 yard _____ 30 yard _____($1,000 deposit for each) Requested Delivery Date___________
Office Contact: Name ___________________________ Number ___________________________________
Construction Waste Roll off Containers Fees
Charge per haul
Delivery Charge/ Unable to Haul/ Relocate Fee
Daily rental fee
*Plus NTMWD Disposal Cost (Per Ton)
Tax not included
_________________________________________ ____________________________________
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Environmental Services Phone: 972-292-5900
6616 Walnut Street EnvironmentalServices
Frisco, Texas 75033 @FriscoTexas.gov
Open Top Service Rules
Unacceptable Waste: Per city ordinance §06-20-110, no waste concrete or metal shall be disposed of in a
landfill. All unused concrete and metal shall be kept clean and stored separately in containers on site or part of a
comingled recycling program to comply with the City’s waste diversion requirements. Commercial recycling is
open market in Frisco; for more information on construction trash and recycling, call 972-292-5915.
City of Frisco Environmental Services handles all service requests. Call 972-292-5900 (have the 88- account
number ready). All orders must be made by 2 p.m. to get onto the next day’s schedule. Same-day service is not
available. Service limitations: limited schedule on Saturdays, no services on Sunday, scheduling is not available
on City of Frisco recognized holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4
of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving,
Christmas Eve, and Christmas. Scheduling is available for requested days, not times.
General information about dumpster use: (not following these guidelines can result in unable-to-haul fees)
Load container evenly; container’s contents must not exceed top rail (will incur unableto-haul fee).
Do not overload container; those over 10 tons cannot be hauled and must be unloaded by customer.
Note: containers with dirt, roofing, ceramic tiles and carpet can reach max weight at ¼ - ½ full.
The container must be placed on a hard, level surface.
Containers cannot be located on gravel roadway. Due to inclement weather, some service locations may
experience delays during heavy rain events.
Minimum clearance of 22’ overhead and 30’ in front of the container are required.
Vehicles cannot be blocking the container.
Loads must be free of contaminants including: tires, hazardous waste, paint, liquids, tree stumps,
automobile parts, animal carcasses, or items with Freon before the container is serviced.
Customer must ensure private property can withstand the weight of the truck (~15.5 tons) plus the weight
of the filled container.
To relocate, the customer must call in with specific placement on the same job site.
Each new jobsite (i.e. different address) will require a new application and deposit.
Each new container will require a new deposit and updating information on the application.
Overloaded containers are not only illegal to haul, but pose a danger. Waste Connections drivers
maintain the right to deem what is safe to haul. Loads that are unsafe to haul are at the cost and
responsibility of the jobsite to unload and call back in for a pickup.
Containers are rentals, customers are responsible for damage caused to property by improper use.
TCEQ General Permit TXR150000 § G(c) Minimize the exposure of waste materials by closing waste container lids at
the end of the work day. For waste containers that do not have lids, where the container itself is not sufficiently
secure enough to prevent the discharge of pollutants absent a cover and could leak, the permittee must provide
either a cover (e.g., a tarp, plastic sheeting, temporary roof) to minimize exposure of wastes to precipitation, or a
similarly effective means designed to minimize the discharge of pollutants (e.g., secondary containment”
Waste diversion helps keep your trash bill down and can help your building obtain LEED certification. City of
Frisco is open-market for all commercial recycling, please contact City of Frisco or state licensed vendors on
recycling common construction debris including: concrete, brick, wood, metal, glass, and plasterboard. For more
information on waste diversion, please contact City of Frisco Construction Waste Specialist at 972-292-5915.
□ I have read and understand all guidelines and costs associated with not following above guidelines.
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