Special Event Permit Application
Name of Event:
Event Applicant/Organization:
Proposed Event Date(s): Day(s) of Week:
Event Start Time: Event End Time:
Setup Date/Time: Take Down Date/Time:
Est. Attendance: Route or Location(s) of event_______________
Person Responsible for Event:
Daytime Phone: Cell Phone: Email:
Address: City: Zip:
On-site Event Contact Person:
Daytime Phone: Cell Phone: Email:
DESCRIBE IN DETAIL the Event: (Applicant must also include a map with site plan)
Mark ALL boxes where applicable to your event (additional permits and fees may be required)
Block Party Street Closure(s) Parade Walk/Run
Carnival Rides Stage(s) Vendors Food Services
Inflatables Canopy/Shelters BBQ(s) Traffic Control
Live Music Amplified Sound Admission Fee Security
Generators Extension Cords Heating Devices Horses/Animals
Gambling Alcohol Pyro/Fireworks *Garbage containers
*Sani-Cans **Police Services ** Signs/Banners *Recycle containers
* Additional Sani-Cans/Garbage/Recycle Containers may be required depending on event
attendance, and the will be the responsibility of the applicant to pay for and provide by a city-
approved provider.
** Additional permits/fees are required for signs/banners & police services.
Name of Park/city property(s) for vehicle access:
the streets or area you want closed, and the closing and opening dates/times.
Type of structure(s):____________________ Purpose:
How many: Size:
PARKING: Where will parking for the Event be located?
TRAFFIC/CROWD CONTROL: What measures will be taken for traffic control and crowd control?
Use of some City facilities, including the Depot Building & the Rose Room, requires a separate rental
application and reservation.
Will you be requesting use of any City Buildings/Facilities? Yes No
THE DEPOT BUILDING/PARK To reserve the Depot Building/Park call City Hall at 425-788-1185.
THE ROSE ROOM To reserve the Rose Room call City Hall at 425-788-1185.
OTHER (name of City facility):
Please return applications and map/site plan(s) CITY OF DUVALL
along with a non-refundable application fee of $25 to: PO BOX 1300/15535 MAIN ST NE
DUVALL, WA 98019
This application will also be submitted to the Duvall-King County Fire District #45 for permitting on your behalf.
A representative from the fire department will be contacting you if additional information or permit fees are
required. The City of Duvall requires Fire Department approval prior to issuing a permit. You must also
complete the next page for King County Fire District #45, and the City will forward it on to the fire department.
Duvall King County Fire Dist. #45
Special Outdoor Events Permit Application
Duvall Fire (King County Fire District 45) has been delegated by the City of Duvall the responsibility for
enforcing the International Fire Code. In so doing, our intent is to protect the safety of those who
participate in outdoor special events. Not every event requires a permit and a site inspection. We will
review your application to determine if a permit is required. If required, we will advise you and there will
be a permit fee of $100 (beginning in 2010) to cover our cost of plan review and inspection. Event
elements that typically trigger a permit requirement are multiple tents or portable structures, food
vendors, use of power, and large crowds. Please refer to the attached document giving an overview of
requirements. It is the responsibility of the permit applicant to make sure that all participants are aware
of and follow the Fire Code requirements. In most cases, we will do a site inspection during the event. If
you have questions, please contact us at 425-788-1625. Thank you for your cooperation.
Event Name ___________________________________________________________
Event Date(s) _____________________________
Event Contact (Planning) _______________________________
Phone __________________________ Email ___________________________
Event Contact (On site during event) ___________________________________
Phone __________________________ Location _________________________
Please attach a detailed site plan including the following:
Emergency access
Parking areas
Location of tents, canopies, and structures; those used for cooking shall be labeled
Fire extinguisher locations
Generators or other sources of electrical power
Fuel tanks and storage
Required clearances labeled
Any other potential safety hazards
Which of the following will be included in your event?
Tents, Canopies, other temporary or portable structures
Number of __________ Sizes ____________________________________________
Cooking under tents, canopies, other temporary or portable structures
Electrical power from generators
Electrical power from other source ______________________________________________
Fuel stored on site; fuel type and quantity ________________________________________
Portable heaters
Powered devices for other than cooking or heating _________________________________
Other activity with safety concerns ______________________________________________
Duvall Fire Use
Permit Required: Yes No Permit Fee Received ____ Date: _____________
Reviewed by ________________________ Date _____________
Inspected by ________________________ Date _____________
Comments ___________________________________________________________________
Duvall King County Fire Dist. #45
Special Outdoor Events Permit Requirements
1. A completed permit application (included with the City of Duvall Event Permit
2. A Detailed Site plan shall be submitted with the application. The plan shall include:
Emergency access
Parking areas
Location of tents, canopies, and structures; those used for cooking
shall be labeled
Fire extinguishers
Generators or other sources of electrical power
Fuel tanks and storages
Required clearances labeled
Any other potential safety hazards
Access, Location, and Parking
1. Fire access roads shall have an unobstructed width of not less that 20 feet and
vertical clearance of not less than 13 feet, 6 inches.
2. Tents, canopies or membrane structures shall not be located within 20 feet of
property lines, buildings, parked vehicles, or internal combustion engines.
Tents and Canopies
1. The aggregate area of multiple canopies placed side by side shall not exceed 700
sq. feet.
2. When side by side canopies reach an accumulative area of 700 sq. ft, a 12 ft fire
break will be required.
3. The canopy shall not be for assembly use such as seating or gathering of people.
4. Tents and Canopies shall be composed of flame resistant material and have a
permanent affixed label bearing the identification of size and fabric or material type.
5. No blue, brown, or other plastic tarps are allowed to be used in the construction of a
tent or canopy.
6. There is no smoking allowed under canopies or tents. “No Smoking” signs shall be
conspicuously posted.
1. Tents where cooking is performed shall be separated from other tents and canopies
by a minimum of 20 feet.
2. Portable open flame devices fueled by flammable or combustible gases, liquids, solid
fuels such as charcoal briquettes or electrical appliances shall be installed in such a
manner as to prevent heat or flame from contacting, or to come within close
proximity of the canopy.
3. Cooking appliances shall not be closer than 2 ft. feet from the canopy structure.
4. Fuel supplies, fuel lines, and controlsfor cooking devices, shall be isolated from the
public by fencing, enclosure, or other approved means.
5. Cooking processes that produce airborne burning embers, sparks or grease flare ups
shall not be permitted under small canopy structures.
6. All combustibles shall be kept away from heat sources.
Fire Protection
1. A portable fire extinguisher having a minimum rating of 2A:10BC rating or larger shall
be provided for each canopy.
2. Extinguisher must have proof that it was purchased within the previous 12 months or
have a service tag indicating a service in the previous 12 months.
3. Booths with deep fat fryers are required to have an additional fire extinguisher with a
Class “K” rating.
Flammable Gasses
1. Propane or other flammable gasses shall be kept away from open flame.
2. Cylinders shall be secured in an upright position, outside the perimeter of the tent or
Flammable Liquids
1. Gas powered generators shall be separated from tents, canopies, or similar
structures by a minimum of 20ft. and shall be isolated from the public by fencing,
enclosure, or other approved means.
2. Containers of gasoline shall not be located under canopies and shall be secured in a
remote location not accessible to the public.
3. There is no smoking allowed near fuel or fuel storage areas.
4. Fuel must be stored in an approved container and must be stored in quantities not
exceeding 5 gallons.
Electrical Cords
1. Electrical cords shall be a three wire type with a ground.
2. Extension cords shall only service one appliance.
3. No spliced wires or open junction boxes are permitted.
4. If a multi plug or strip plug is used it must have a circuit breaker, be rated for outdoor
use, and be plugged directly into a receptacle (not an extension cord).
5. All electrical cords shall be protected from damage and foot traffic.
1. “Mushroom type” propane heaters are not allowed inside a tent or canopy.
2. Only electric heaters are allowed.
1. All combustible materials shall be separated from heat sources by a minimum of 10
2. Keep rubbish in covered containers
3. Cardboard boxes are rubbish, not rubbish containers.
4. Rubbish containers larger than 40 gallons must be fire resistive and labeled as such.
If you have any questions or need further clarification please call the
Duvall Fire at 425-788-1625
Event Site Maps must include: Surrounding street names, fencing/barriers, street closure points,
barricades, booths, canopies/tents AND size, cooking areas, generators, vehicles, number and dimension
of entrances/exits, 20’ fire lanes, start finish lines, routes with direction arrows, beer gardens (separate
map required). Show all setbacks from structures, gas, drives, etc. along with buildings and landmarks
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