Mission Statement
In 2017 the Town of Mendon MA. will
celebrate its 350
Anniversary. The second
oldest town in Worcester County, Mendon
retains glimpses of its agrarian roots in the
remaining sweeping fields, pastures and old
stonewalls that are an integral part of our
historic landscape. Mendon’s Old New
England Village Center and the historic
architecture reflect the history of this
farming community and the people who
lived here.
The goal of the Mendon Historical
Commission is to help identify those
buildings, homes, and land within Mendon,
which are significant in their age,
architectural design and antiquity to the
community. This program establishes a
historical signage program to acknowledge
those sites that are significant based upon
their architecture, historical land use, and /
or contribution to the region.
Through the generosity of the Mendon
Historical Society these plaques are being
offered to homeowners who qualify for a
discounted price of $25.00 each. Quantities
are limited so we recommend homeowners
sign up early.
We encourage eligible homeowners and
community members to apply for the
Historic Plaque Program as it promotes
awareness of the Town’s historical assets
and demonstrates their place in relation to
each other and in the formation of our
The Mendon Historical Commission and
the Mendon Historical Society are
committed to supporting preservation
efforts, education and advocacy for
residents and our community.
The properties to be considered for
presentation must meet the following
1. The property must be on record as
being dated (built) a minimum of 75
years ago.
2. Properties with historical,
architectural design, and contextual
significance to the community are
3. Discounted Plaques ($25.00 each) are
limited so we encourage homeowners
to apply early.
Applications should include the
Home / Property Owners Name,
Address, Day and Evening Phone and
where applicable email address.
A short paragraph outlining the
history of the property if known to the
homeowner with names, dates, stories
In some cases the Mendon Historical
Commission, Mendon Historical
Society and Preservation Mendon
may be able to assist with research.
Contact us at
Older and current photographs of the
property including architectural
details and dates where possible.
Interior photographs are optional.
Signature of the applicant and date.
Completed applications should be
returned to the Mendon Historical
Commission 20 Main St. Mendon,
Ma. 01756.
September 30, 2016
Presented by the
Mendon Historical
Commission and The
Mendon Historical Society
20 Main Street
Mendon, Ma.
Mendon Historical Plaque Program 2016
DATE: __________________DATE RECEIVED BY HISTORICAL COMMISSION: ________________
NAME: ________________________________
ADDRESS: _____________________________
TOWN: ________________ STATE:____________ ZIP CODE: _________________
TELEPHONE NUMBER: ________________________ EMAIL ADDRESS:_______________________
PROPERTY OWNERS NAME IF DIFFERENT FROM ABOVE: _______________________________
YEAR BUILT: ____________________________ $25.00 Cash or Check Payment Received_____
Please Make Checks Payable to the Mendon Historical Society
Please submit the completed
application to:
Mendon Historical Commission
Historical Plaque Program
20 Main Street
Mendon, Ma. 01756
Selection Process:
After reviewing applications the
Historic Commission will send
confirmation to accepted applicants.
Priority consideration will be given
to those homes dating back 100 years
or more. All applications not on the
priority list will remain on file for
later consideration. Reasons for that
decision (criteria not met, discounted
funding not available etc.) will be
explained in writing to those
All accepted applications will receive
a Letter of Acceptance and a date
and time will be arranged for
presentation of the plaque at the
recognized location.
(Information regarding your property may be available on the Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System: MACRIS.
To access that data visit the Massachusetts Historic Commission Website at: http://mhc-macris.net. You may also follow the link
provided on the Town of Mendon Website at www.mendonma.gov/historical-commission.
(Please use additional sheets if necessary)
Applicants Signature: _________________________________________
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