Making partnerships work
Self-assessment checklist: effective collaboration
This self-assessment checklist will help public bodies develop better practice, procedures and
protocols for effective collaboration.
Developing effective collaboration: self-assessment In place?
Understand the cross-entity environment
Entities have worked together to understand the common goals and drivers for any proposed
Entities have established and mutually agreed that a collaborative arrangement is likely to
present advantages over a single entity approach.
Promote cross-entity performance and accountability
Entities have discussed and agreed on a clear purpose, a coordinated strategy and shared
and visible lines of accountability.
Each party’s expectations, responsibilities and functions have been identified, agreed,
understood and documents, including arrangements for funding, monitoring progress and
performance reporting.
Establish clear roles, responsibilities and governance arrangements
The parties have agreed and documented accountability arrangements in three dimensions:
(i) horizontal accountability obligations among the partners
(ii) vertical accountability within each entity to its governing or oversight body
(iii) collective accountability of all partners to an overall governing body.
Appropriate consideration has been given (and action taken) to appointing a lead entity
and/or management committee to oversee and drive the partnership and monitor outcomes.
Appropriate consideration has been given towards establishing formal dispute resolution
mechanisms in order to deal effectively with any differences that arise during the course of
the partnership.
Work towards a shared objective or outcome, while managing shared risks
The desired objective or outcome of the collaboration has been agreed and clearly
Funding and accountability arrangements have been discussed, agreed and clearly
documented, with a focus on ensuring transparent and appropriate expenditure of public
Risks associated with the collaboration—including shared risks—have been identified,
considered and fairly allocated, and agreement has been reached and documented on
how risks will be managed and reported on.
12 Source: Public Sector Governance: Strengthening performance through good governance: Better Practice Guide;
Australia National Audit Office; June 2014
Appendix 2 (Paragraph 1.3)
Self-assessment checklist: effective collaboration