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Limited Service - Flat Fee MLS – Listing Agreement
no brokerage relationship with you Multiple Listing Solutions & its Associates owe to you the following duties: 1. Dealing honestly and fairly; 2.
Disclosing all known facts that materially affect the value of real property and are not readily observab
le to the buyer; 3. Accounting for all
funds entrusted
to the licensee.
DISCLAIMER: This service is int
ended for experienced property Owners, Developers, Investors, REO’s, Asset Managers & Property Managers who are
familiar with t
he Sale/Leasing of Real Property, the Rules and Regulations of the MLS; and/or who have hired Legal Representation. Multiple Listing Solutions
reserves the right to decline service to anyone that does not meet the experience standards and/or for whatever other possible liability reason at anytime
including but not limited to: simply not being a good fit/right match for the customer. The fee being charged is for the listing on the MLS (Multiple Listing
Service) only. Although the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) automatically feeds exterior websites such as Realtor.com, ect; Multiple Listing Solutions
cannot guarantee the feed
to any exterior websites or how they may or may not be displayed. Contact info does not appear on any of the fed websites.
Listing fee is fully earned and is non-refundable once work is completed and the Property has been listed on the MLS. Multiple Listing Solutions at no
time makes any claims or guarantee that being listed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) will guarantee a successful sale or rental. All Listing are subject
to the Approval, Rules, Regulations, Policies
and Limitations of each individual MLS.
Through this “Limited Service Agreement” Seller/Lessor grants Multiple Listing Solutions authority to list
Seller’s/Lessor’s Property on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).
Address To Be Listed:
MLS Coverage Area Desired:
(Choose the MLS area(s) that pertains to the property that is being listed.)
NOTE: There is a separate listing fee for each MLS selected.
Southeast Florida MLS / SEF-MLS:
(Covering: Miami-Dade & Broward.)
BeachesMLS (Formally Regional MLS of Florida / RMLS):
(Covering; Palm Beach, St. Lucie & Martin.)
My Florida Regional MLS / MFR-MLS:
(Covering: Central Florida / Orlando and Tampa Areas; Charlotte, Englewood,
Hillsborough, Lake, Lee, Manatee, Orange, Osceola, Pasco, Pinellas, Punta Gorda, Polk, Port Charlotte, North Port,
Sarasota, Seminole, Venice and West Volusia.)
Northeast Flori
(Covering: Jacksonville and surrounding areas.)
MLS Listing Time Desired /
Listing Fee:
(Choose the MLS listing period that you would like your property to be listed for.)
| (1-Year): $275.00 | (8-Month): $250.00 | (6-Month): $225.00
| (4-month): $175.00 | (2-month): $150.00 | (1-Month): $125.00
Seller/Lessor agrees to provide Multiple Listing Solutions with all necessary property information in-order for Multiple
Listing Solutions to complete the MLS listing. This includes but is not limited to: Seller/Lessor filling out a property data
sheet and/or providing such needed property info via phone, email, or as requested by Multiple Listing Solutions and/or
required by the MLS.
Seller/Lessor agrees to provide Multiple Listing Solutions with a minimum of 1 exterior photo of the property. Failure to
provide at least a minimum of 1 exterior photo of the property may result in the listing being temporarily withdrawn and/or
permanently cancelled at Seller’s/Lessor’s own expense. Seller/Lessor grants the MLS, participants and subscribers
rights to reproduce and display photos. The MLS shall own the copyright to all photos submitted.
Seller/Lessor agrees that Seller/Lessor is solely responsible for determining the pricing of the property and that the price
and all price changes (if applicable) shall be provided by the Seller/Lessor.
Seller/Lessor agrees that Property will be offered to any person without regard to race, color, religion, sex, handicap,
familial status, national origin, or any other factor protected by federal, state, or local law.
Seller/Lessor certifies and represents that Seller/Lessor is legally entitled to convey the Property and all improvements.
All Listings are Subject to the Approval, Rules and Regulations of the MLS: Any listing taken on a contract to be filed with
the Multiple Listing Service is subject to the rules and regulations of the MLS upon signature of the Seller/Lessor.
Seller/Lessor may cancel the listing at any time prior to a executed sales/rental contract. Seller/Lessor may not
terminate this agreement while the Property is under a sales/rental contract. If this agreement expires while the
property is under contract; Seller/Lessor must comply with the terms of this agreement.
It is the Seller’s/Lessor’s responsibility to notify Multiple Listing Solutions in writing; and within 24 hours of any
and all changes affecting the status of the Property. Status changes include: Entering into Contract, Closing of
Contract, Termination of Sale, Change of Listing Price and Change of Cooperating Commission. Failure to notify
Multiple Listing Solutions within 24 hours may result in the MLS listing being cancelled and/or a fine as per MLS
Rules/Regulations. Seller/Lessor agrees to be fully liable for any fines imposed by the MLS and/or pertaining Realtor
Association to Multiple Listing Solutions as a result of Seller’s/Lessor’s failure to submit any changes in status.
Status changes will not be considered effective until Multiple Listing Solutions is notified in writing and changes are
applied to the MLS. Multiple Listing Solutions my take up to 72 business-hour
s (not Including weekends, holidays,
and postal holidays) after the authorized change is received, to apply the changes.
essor agrees to make the Property available to MLS members, at all reasonable hours, for showings to
prospective Buyer/Lesser, during the term of this Agreement.
In the event the Property is sold, optioned, contracted to be sold or leased to a prospect procured by a Broker who is
a member of the MLS; Seller/Lessor will offer a cooperating commission in the amount of: ________% of the
sales/rental price; or a flat fee of: $_____________________to the Broker who procures the prospect.
Seller/Lessor authorizes Multiple Listing Solutions to make an offer of compensation equal to the cooperating
commission to all Brokers who are members of the MLS. The fee shall be paid to Broker by Seller/Lessor in the event of
sale, at time of closing the sale; or in the event of lease at time of lease execution. Brokers fee is due if Seller/Lessor
defaults on an executed sales/rental contract with Prospect, or if Seller/Lessor agrees with Prospect to cancel and
executed sales/rental contract.
Seller/Lessor understands that by placing their Property on the MLS, Seller/Lessor is agreeing to cooperate with any
Broker who is a member of the MLS. Seller/Lessor grants Brokers who are members of the MLS permission to advertise
this listing in the media; thus, allowing any Broker who is a member of the MLS permission to actively market the Property
in attempt to find a prospect
Seller/Lessor agrees to notify Multiple Listing Solutions immediately if a procuring cause issue arises and to fully
cooperate and comply with any arbitration decisions reached by the MLS and the Realtor Association in regards to such
procuring cause issue. Seller/Lessor further agrees to compensate Multiple Listing Solutions for any and all fees, fines
and commissions damages incurred by Multiple Listing Solutions as a result of such arbitrations.
Seller/Lessor agrees to indemnify Multiple Listing Solutions and hold Multiple Listing Solutions harmless from
losses, damages, costs, fines, and expenses of any nature, including attorney's fees, and from liability to any person, that
Multiple Listing Solutions incurs because of (1) Seller's/Lessor’s negligence, representations, misrepresentations,
actions, or inactions; (2) the use of a lock box; (3) the existence of undisclosed material facts about the Property; or (4) a
court or arbitration decision that a broker who was not compensated in connection with a transaction is entitled to
compensation from Multiple Listing Solutions. This clause will survive Multiple Listing Solutions’ performance and the
transfer of title.
Seller/Lessor agrees to make all legally required disclosures, including all facts that materially affect the Property's value
and are not readily observable or known by the buyer. Seller will immediately inform Multiple Listing Solutions of any
material facts that arise after signing this Agreement.
Seller/Lessor grants Multiple Listing Solutions the right to authorize dissemination of sales information prior to
settlement to the MLS for its Participants.
Seller/Lessor acknowledges that through this Limited Service Agreement, Multiple Listing Solutions is only responsible
for listing the Sellers/Lessor’s Property on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Multiple Listing Solutions has “No
Brokerage Relationship” with the Seller/Lessor and does not Represent the Seller/Lessor. Seller/Lessor has chosen to
waive Broker Representation and be fully responsible for all appointment scheduling, property showings, negotiations,
contract preparation, transaction coordination, and all other responsibilities (legal & non-legal) pertaining to the sale or
lease of Seller’s/Lessor’s Property.
Seller/Lessor accepts legal responsibility for complying with all Federal laws, State laws, Local laws, Governmental Laws,
Ordinances, Statutes, MLS Rules & Regulations and Property Disclosures. Multiple Listing Solutions strongly
recommends that Seller/Lessor seek the guidance and advice of an attorney when selling or leasing Real Estate.
Seller/Lessor completely relieves Multiple Listing Solutions & its Associates from any and all Liability.
All persons and/or entities authorized to sell/rent the Property must sign this Agreement, and the undersigned signature(s)
include all person(s) and/or entities, or their duly authorized representatives, who have an ownership interest in the
Property. If the individual signing this Agreement is acting in a representative capacity, such individual certifies that he is
legally authorized to enter into this Agreement.
This Agreement is the entire agreement between Seller/Lessor and Multiple Listing Solutions. No prior or present
agreements or representations will be binding on Seller or Broker unless included in this Agreement. Electronic
signatures are acceptable and will be binding. Signatures, initials, and modifications communicated by facsimile will be
considered as originals.
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Basic, Property Information & Description
Only fill out what applies!
Seller/Lessor Name(s): __________________________________________________________________________
Asking Price: ______________________
Property Address: ________________________
Legal Description: _____________________________________________________
*Property Type: Single Family
Multi Family
Residential Land Commercial/Other
Subdivision Name: ________________________________________ Year Built: _____
Sq-Ft Living Area: _____________ Sq-Ft total Area: ______________ Lot size: ___
Beds: _______ Baths:_______ HBaths:_______
Garage Spaces: __
_____ Carport Spaces: _______ Parking Description: _
Front Exposure: _______ Construction Type: ______________________________
Roof Description
Barrel Shingle Other______________________________
Floor Description:
Carpet Tile Wood Marble Other_____________
Rooms Description:
Family Florida Other __________________________________________
Yes No Waterfront Property: Yes No
“300 CHARS MAX” (Please write your description as you would like it to appear on your listing)
Directions: ________________________________________________________
(Get from tax roll.)
Pets Allowed: Yes No Pet Restrictions: ______________
Interior Features: ______________________________________________________
Equipment & Appliances: _______________________________________________________________________
Restrictions: __________________________________________________________________________________
Exterior Features: ______________________________________________________
Subdivision Information: ___________________________________________________________
Heating Description:
Central Unit Other _____________
Cooling Description:
Central Unit Other _____________
Water Description
Municipal Septic Other _____________
Sewer Description:
Municipal Septic Other _____________
Financing Terms:
Conventional FHA/VA Other: ____________________
Membership Purchase Required:
Yes No
HOA or Condo or Maintenance Fee:
Yes No Fee: _______________ Paid Per: ______________
Property Taxes: _______________ Tax Year: _____________ Exemptions Reflected: _____
Other Property Info: __________________________________________________________
Special Information: