Fire Protection Plan Review Permit Application
Date of Application: Building Permit Number:
Application must be completed in full. Failure to provide any of the information may result in a delay of the
plan review and the rejection of the application. This application is for permit issuance only. A permit will be
issued upon the review and approval of plans for which this application is intended.
Project Information- Provide and attach plans and/or scope of work
Square Footage:
Project Name:
Project Address:
Company Information
Company Name:
Company Address:
Contact Person:
Phone Number: Fax Number:
E-mail Address:
Contact person will be notified when plan review is complete
Requested Permits/Plans Review - Please use a separate application for each submittal type
Plan review fees are $50.00
Inspection and testing fee is $50.00
Fire Sprinkler System: Fee $50.00 Fire Alarm System: Fee $100.00 Access Control Gates: Fee $100.00
Underground Fire Main: Fee $50.00
New System:
Access Control System: Fee $100.00
Standpipe: Fee $50.00
Hazardous Materials: Fee $100.00
Fire Pump: Fee $50.00
Fixed Extinguishing System:
Fee $100.00
High-Piled Storage: Fee $100.00
Foam/Water Mist: Fee $50.00
Kitchen Hood:
Pyrotechnic Display: Fee $100.00
Water (Fire) Flow Test $505.00
Spray Booth:
Tent/Membrane Structure Fee $100.00
Clean Agent:
Blasting: Attach Scope of Work Fee
Liquid Storage Tank Removal or
Installation Fee $100.00
A valid permit
and an approved set of plans must be maintained at the job site at all times. Failure to obtain a
permit prior to beginning work on a system and/or failure to provide the plans and permit for the field inspector
may result in a citation and/or failed inspection.
Please allow a minimum of ten (10) days for the Marble Falls Fire Marshal’s Office Plan Review Process.
Contact person will be notified upon the completion of the plan review. Include e-mail address above to be notified via e-mail.
I have read and understand the responsibilities stated therein:
Signature of Applicant
Fire Marshal Records Use Only
Date of Submittal: Date of Completion: Rejected: Approved:
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