Financial Aid Verification of Class Attendance
Semester/Term: Fall Spring Summer
Year: _________________________
Student’s Durham Tech ID Number: _______________________________________________
Student’s Name (Please Print): ___________________________________________________
Course/Class Attended: _________________________________________________________
To the student:
By signing this form you are verifying that you have attended at least one class period during
the current semester.
Student’s Signature: _________________________________________________________
To the verifying faculty member:
By signing this form, you are verifying that the student listed above has attended at least one
of your class periods this semester.
Instructor’s Name (Please Print): ________________________________________________
Instructor’s Signature: _________________________________________________________
Once signed by the instructor, the student should submit the completed form to the
bookstore no earlier than the second day of classes.
Online courses only: If the student is enrolled in an online course, they should request that
the instructor email the bookstore and copy them on the email.
Students are allowed one computer, one printer, one tablet, and one pair of head phones
(over $100) per student every two years.
Revised 12/18/2019
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