2020-2021 Unusual Enrollment History
Financial Aid Office, 1637 Lawson Street, Durham NC 27703
Phone 919-536-7209, Fax 919-536-7260, financialaid@durhamtech.edu
The Durham Technical Community College Financial Aid office has received information from the National
Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) regarding an unusual enrollment history during your post-secondary education.
In the box below, you must list each school you have received a federal grant or federal loan since July 201 6
through the current day. You must also provide a transcript for each institution (unofficial is acceptable).
Visit the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) and log in with your FSA ID to retrieve a list of schools.
Name of School
Dates of
(From - To)
Enrollment Status
(Full-time, Part-
Degree Type Sought
Did you receive credit at EVERY institution EACH YEAR you attended within the past four academic years?
If no, please explain below. You may be asked to provide documentation to our office and is recommended to be
submitted with this.
Certification and Signature
Before signing, please check for accuracy and completeness. There should be no blank or unanswered questions.
Incomplete forms will be returned and will delay processing of your financial aid. I certify with by signing below that
all information reported here is complete and correct.
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Revised Spring 2018