MCC-544 Equal Opportunity College/Affirmative Action Employer Rev. 08/16
Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Degree Evaluation Form
Students required to submit a degree evaluation form have reached Maximum Time Frame (MTF) and are not making
satisfactory academic progress towards the completion of their stated degree. All sections of this form must be completed
by your academic advisor and must be signed by both advisor and student. Students will also need to complete the
‘Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form’ and return both forms to the Financial Aid Office.
Student Name ______________________________________________________ Student’s ID# ____________________________________________
Current Major _______________________________________________________ Credit Hours Completed Toward Degree _______________
Credit Hours Still Needed __________________________________________ Anticipated Graduation Date ___________________________
Academic Plan. List specific subject and course number the student needs to complete program under applicable
Semester 1
Semester 2
Semester 3
Semester 4
Advisor’s Comments (Please include any observations or recommendations regarding the student’s progress.)
To the Advisor.
By signing the document you certify that you have met with the student and discussed the requirements of the stated
degree program the student is pursuing. Also, you agree the classes and total number of credits listed above apply toward
that degree and are needed for the student to complete their course of study and graduate.
Advisor’s Signature ________________________________________________________________ Date ______________________________________
Advisor’s Name ___________________________________________________________________
To the Student.
By signing this document you certify that you have met with your academic advisor and discussed the requirements
needed to complete your degree. You also acknowledge that if your financial aid is reinstated, you will be required to
follow an Academic Plan created by the Financial Aid Committee designed to help you graduate from Mitchell Community
Student’s Signature ________________________________________________________________ Date ______________________________________
Student’s Name ___________________________________________________________________