A Mitchell Community College Ambassador serves as a representative of the College providing support to Student
Services and the Mitchell Community College Endowment for Excellence. Ambassadors assist with campus activities such
as new student orientation, graduation, endowment fundraisers, concerts, and campus tours.
Students interested in participating must meet the following criteria:
Be currently enrolled at Mitchell in at least nine credit hours and have completed or in progress of completing at
least 12 credit hours
Have and maintain a 2.7 GPA
Have a flexible schedule and be available to with assist with campus events
To apply:
Submit a Mitchell Ambassador application and Statement of Commitment
Submit at least one recommendation from a member of the Mitchell faculty or staff
After applications are reviewed, a selection committee will select students for interviews.
Attend various recruiting events
Attend civic club meetings and conduct presentations
Conduct tours of the campus
Work with Student Services staff during Fall, Spring and Summer registrations
Assist with new student orientation
Attend, assist with and greet at special meetings held on campus
Attend Mitchell Community College Endowment for Excellence activities
Meet with advisor once per month
Attend Board of Trustees meetings as requested
Understand that if you cannot make an event that you signed up for, it is your responsibility to contact another
ambassador to be your replacement
An Ambassador’s Scholarship up to a maximum of $250 per semester
Mitchell Ambassador fleece jacket and polo shirt; Name tag
A letter of recommendation from the Ambassador Advisor upon satisfactory completion of service receive
Ambassadors who do any of the following will be excluded from further participation in the program:
Seek nomination for or become an officer in another organized student group
Enroll for less than nine credit hours
Lose good standing within the community or institution
Have a cumulative grade point average of less than 2.7
Fail to fulfill the standards of the program (including attending meetings and performing service hours)
MCC-367 Equal Opportunity College Rev. 03/19
Ambassador Program Application
Name _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Address __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Home Phone_____________________________ Workplace and Phone______________________________________________________________
Cell Phone _______________________________ Preferred E-Mail ____________________________________________________________________
Program of Study __________________________________________________________ Statesville Campus Mooresville Campus
Cumulative Grade Point Average ________________________________________________________________________________________________
Mitchell Activities/Honors (List)
Community, Church, Civic Involvement (List)
What are your long range plans/goals?
Please submit a paragraph on “Why I should be selected as a Mitchell Ambassador.”
MCC-367 Equal Opportunity College Rev. 03/19