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Friendswood Independent School District
Leah Tunnell, M.ED, RTSBA, pHCLE
Executive Director of Human Resources
o: Fall Undergraduate & Post-Baccalaureate Students
If you need observation hours for your alternative teaching program or college/university course work please read the following
requirements and complete the Field Experience/Observation Packet. Your request will be approved within five (5) business
1. P
otential candidates requesting to observe classrooms should complete the Field Experience/Observation Packet on the
Human Resources page of the FISD website at
2. T
he packet needs to be returned to Hope Coburn in Human Resources by email at or may be delivered
to 302 Laurel Drive, Friendswood, TX 77546.
3. H
uman Resources will run a criminal history background check. If clear, the candidate will proceed. Please note: Fiel
bservers do not require fingerprinting.
4. Human Resources will coordinate placement with campus principal/designee.
5. H
uman Resources will send a coordination email to candidate and principal via email after placement has been assigned and
will provide contact information for the principal or designee and the student observer
6. A
fter the candidate has been cleared and receives the principal/designee’s contact information, the
candidate has the
responsibility to make the initial contact and schedule hours with the principal/designee.
7. T
he observer MUST sign in via RAPTOR each time he/she visits the campus and must follow district professional dress
8. The observer bears the responsibility of getting any paperwork completed, signed and approved.
Any questions regarding Field Experience and Observation can be directed to Hope Coburn, or 281-996-6604.
Fall observations must be conducted between October 21 - November 19, 2020.
Leah Tunnell
Leah Tunnell
Executive Director of Human Resources
Friendswood ISD
Field Experience and Observation Candidate
Friendswood ISD is authorized by state law to obtain criminal history record information on individuals who intend
to serve as observers/volunteers for the District (Texas Education Code 22.08). The information below is necessary
to obtain criminal history record information.
This information will be reviewed only by the Director of Human Resources and HR Staff. You will be contacted
immediately if there is a question that might compromise the safety of our students.
The following information is required for the protection of our children and is confidential.
Name (Please print):
Last First Middle Maiden
Address City State Zip code
__________________ _____________________ (____)______________________________
Social Security Number Date of Birth State Driver’s License/State ID
Gender: Ethnicity: Purpose:
Male African American # of observation hours needed: ____________
Female Anglo University: _____________________________
Hispanic Professor: ______________________________
American Indian ACP: __________________________________
Requested Campus(es):
Cline Elem Westwood Elem Junior High
Windsong Int Bales Int High School
Special Ed/Services
Grade/Subject: __________________________
*Please be sure to specify a subject!
I understand the importance of confidentiality and agree to keep any names and/or student information strictly
private and confidential. I understand that the information I am providing about age, sex, and ethnicity will
not be used to determine eligibility for participation, but will be used solely for the purpose of obtaining
criminal history record information for involvement as an observer.
Signature: _____________________________________ Date: ______________________________
Cell phone: _____________________________________ Email: ______________________________
Submit completed forms to: FISD Human Resources Department:
ATTN: Hope Coburn, or 302 Laurel Dr., Friendswood TX 77546
Alternative Certification Program
Friendswood ISD Confidentiality Agreement
For Clinical Teachers/Field Observers
As a student guest of the Friendswood Independent School District, I understand the
1. I may have access to information related to student data, testing, demographics,
and other sensitive data.
2. The work performed by the teacher I am observing/working under is vital to the
success of the organization, and while most data I may see is subject to open
records requests, I must take steps to assure that any confidential information is
handled with care and fidelity.
3. All student information is considered confidential. Any person who has access
privileges to any type of student records, including but not limited to addresses,
phone numbers, emergency contacts, or any type of personally identifiable
information, must keep that knowledge and information private. An
employee/guest student of the District should take all precautions to refrain from
disclosing confidential student information without the prior written approval of the
student’s parent and/or guardian.
4. Information that can be accessed should not be viewed or used for personal reasons
or for mere curiosity.
I have read the above statements and I agree to keep any and all information related to
the work performed by me confidential. I will only discuss this information with my
supervising teacher and/or campus administration, as appropriate. I will not add, change
or delete information without proper authorization nor will I view or use information that
I can access for personal reasons or curiosity. I further understand that a violation of this
agreement could result in disciplinary action, up to and including exclusion from observing
and/or student teaching.
_________________________________ ____________________
Name Date
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