Event Location
Date(s) of Event Start Time End Time
Description of Event
Contact Person Phone Number
Number of Persons Expected to Attend Square Footage of Space/Tent Being Used
Will there be decorations* Yes No (If yes please describe in detail on back or separate sheet)
Prior to event approval, a detailed drawing shall be submitted with room and/or tent dimensions location of exits, layout that
includes seating plan, stages, dance floors, etc. and any and all decorations. Decorations include, but are not limited to,
curtains, decorative fabric, backdrops, booths, table centerpieces, live and cut vegetation, etc.
Will There Be On Site Cooking Yes No Type of Fuel To Be Used
Tent Company
Tent Company Representative Phone Number
Will the Tent Be Heated Yes No Type of Fuel To Be Used
Fire Protection or a Fire Watch may be assigned based on the information in this application. The applicant shall be
responsible for payment upon completion of the service. All Fire Protection / Fire Watch fees shall be paid by check and are
in addition to any other fees.
Terms of the Fire Protection or Fire Watch are 3 hour minimum beginning ½ hour before the start of the event and ending ½
hour after the event. Payment is at the contractual rate for the Fire Fighter(s), Fire Officer(s) assigned. Fire Protection / Fire
Watch fees are in addition to any other fees.
Applicant agrees to abide by the terms set forth in this application and understands that failure to do so may lead to
cancellation of the event.
Applicant declares all information submitted on this application is accurate. Applicant shall immediately notify the
Greenwich Fire Marshal’s Office of any additions and / or changes that arise after the application is submitted. Unauthorized
changes may lead to denial or revocation of the permit.
On behalf of the above sponsor, organizations and members thereof, applicant agrees to abide by all policies, procedures and
instructions set forth or provided by the Greenwich Fire Department and will also comply with all local, state and federal
regulations. Applicant understands that an inspection may be made prior to the event and that changes may be ordered.
Applicant Name (Print)
Signature Date
Inspection Required No Yes Inspection Date
Fire Protection /Fire Watch Required No Yes Approved By
Revised 9/16/13