Event Debrief and Evaluation Form
Southend Events Safety Advisory Group (SAG) request that event organisers complete this form; the
purpose of which is to help the SAG advise you for planning and organising future events. This form
should be completed by the person who was responsible for event planning and returned within 1
calendar month of the event. Completion and return of the form will in the majority of cases prevent the
need for you to attend the SAG to debrief.
Name of Event
Date of Event
Contact Name
Lead Of cer/Event Manager
Provide a brief rundown of how the event went – for example, numbers in attendance (at any
one time and in total), stewards, rst aid provision.
Were there any accidents or near misses that could have led to serious public safety issues?
Please provide a summary of the accident/event, investigation undertaken and learning
outcomes. (Consider attendees and volunteers/contractors.)
Did you call on the emergency services during the event for any reason? Please advise which
services attended and why.
List what you thought was successful or observed working well in the whole event including at
build stage and breakdown, - for example site layout, site safety, crowd control, communications
welfare facilities, infrastructure, power supply, transport, waste clearance etc .
List or describe what you thought was NOT successful or did not work well in the whole event,
including at build stage and breakdown for example site layout, site safety, crowd control,
communications , welfare facilities, infrastructure, power supply, transport, waste clearance,
Provide details of any complaints received and how they were dealt with
Describe your experience with the SAG in assisting with advice. Please list any recommendations
that you think the SAG could implement to improve their role.
If you plan to host the event again, list your actions/recommendations for improvement.
Please send the completed form, together with any supporting documentation to:
Or in hard copy to:
Safety Advisory Group
Civic Centre, Victoria Avenue
Southend on Sea, Essex.
Copies of this form will be circulated to the members of the Safety Advisory Group, which includes all
of the emergency services and relevant local authority services.
Of ce Use Only - Stage Two Debrief Exercise –
SAG Members consulted and their overall comments on the Event Email sent
Returned comments
Data Protection Act 2018 & General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
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which could be shared with other Council departments. All employees and contractors who have access to your personal data or are associated with the
handling of that data are obligated to respect your con dentiality. Once the information is no longer required for the purpose it was collected for, it will be
deleted in line with the Councils Document Retention and Disposal Guidance. To see the full Southend on Sea Borough Council Privacy Notice please visit
http://www.southend.gov.uk/downloads/ le/5542/privacy_notice_may_2018
About you
Thank you for sharing your thoughts about your event. Finally, it would be really
helpful to nd out a bit more about you.
1: What is your gender?
Please tick one option only
Male Female I describe myself in another way Prefer not to say
2: Please state your ethnicity
Please tick one option only
White British or Irish
White Other
Black Caribbean
Mixed White & Caribbean
Mixed White & Asian
Would rather not answer
3: Do you consider yourself as a person who has a disability of any kind?
Please tick one option only
Yes, affecting hearing Yes, a learning disability Yes, another form of disability
Yes, affecting mobility Yes, affecting vision Yes, mental ill-health
4: Please specify
White Eastern European
Black British
Black African
Mixed White & African
British Asian
Other Asian
5: Are you responsible for caring for someone? i.e. a dependant adult or relative,
disabled child or friend or neighbour, who is frail, has a long term illness or disability?
Please tick one option only
Yes No
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