Review of Empty Homes
Please complete Section 1 OR Section 2
Section 1 – My property is empty and no-one resides at the address
1. Is the property anyone’s main home? Yes
If ‘No’ is the property anyone’s second home? Yes
If ‘yes’ is the property furnished? Yes
2. Would you like us to contact you to advise on how the Council may be able to
help you bring your property back into use?
3. Please provide your home address:
Section 2 – My property is now occupied
1. Please give the names of every adult over the age of 18 whose main home is at the above address:
Title: Mr, Mrs, etc. Surname First name(s) Date moved in
I declare that the information I have provided in Section 1 or Section 2 above is correct to the best
of my knowledge.
Telephone No:
Mobile No:
Full name:
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