Application Permit for Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical
Property Owner Contractor
Applicant Name: Phone:
Applicant Mail Address: Email:
Property Owner Name:
Property Address:
Applicant Signature:
Estimated Cost: Qty Fee Extended Subtotal:
20 amperes and under x 3.00$
21-30 a
mperes x 4.50$
31-60 amperes x 6.00$ Issuance Fee:
61-150 amperes x 7.50$ $10.00
151-300 amperes x 10.00$
301-400 amperes x 15.00$ Total Fee:
401 amperes and over x 21.00$
Qty Fee Extended
x 5.00$
x 5.00$
x 5.00$
x 10.00$
x 2.50$ Issuance Fee:
x 5.00$
Total Fee:
1 to 5 x 2.50$
over 5 x 1.50$
B101.23 Fee for inspecting boilers (based on BTU input):
33,000 BTU (1BHp) to 165,000 (5BHp) 5.00$
165,001 BTU (5BHp) to 330,000 (10BHp)
330,001 BTU (10BHp) to 1,165,000 (52BHp) 15.00$
1,165,001 BTU (52BHp) to 3,330,000 (98BHp) 25.00$
Over 3,330,000 BTU 35.00$
Total Fee:
Issuance Fee:
x 2.50$
B101.22 Fee for inspecting repairs, alterations, and additions to an existing system shall be $5.00 plus
$2.00 for each $1,000 or fraction thereof.
B101.21 Fee for inspecting heating, ventilating, ductwork, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems shall be
$10.00 for the first $1,000 or fraction thereof, of valuation of the installation plus $2.00 for each additional $1,000
or fraction thereof.
City of Demopolis:
For each house sewer
For each house sewer having to be replaced/repaired
For each cesspool
For each septic tank & seepage pit or drainfield
For each plumbing fixture, flood drain or trap (including water
& drainage piping)
For each water heater and/or vent
For vacuum breakers or backflow protective devices installed
subsequent to the installation of the piping equipment served.
x 5.00$
For installation, alteration or repair of water piping and/or
water treatment equipment.
For repairs or alteration of drainage or vent piping
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