Building Application and Permit
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Applicant Name: Email:
Applicant Mail Address:
Property Owner Name: This permit request applies to:
Property Address:
Size of Building or Addition: ft. wide ft. long stories high
Total Estimated Cost:
Estimated Project Cost: Fee:
$ 0 to $15,000 $2.50 per thousand* ($5 min)
$15,001 to $3,000,000 $37.50 for the first $15,000 PLUS $2.00 for each add. thousand*
$3,000,001 to $8,000,000 $6,000 for the first $3 million plus $1.00 for each add. thousand*
$8,000,001 to $12,000,000 $11,000 for the first $8 million plus $0.75 for each add. thousand*
Over $12,000,001 $14,000 for the first $12 million plus $0.25 for each add. thousand*
$1 per thousand Commercial Property Additional Fee $1 per thousand*
Other Fees: $10 Moving a building or structure
$4 Demolition of building or structure
Applicant is owner or contractor?
The subject property is Residential
or Commercial?
Description of work to be performed:
Show all existing buildings on lot and any buildings or addition about to be built on lot. Show dimensions and location sof each building with reference to lot
lines and each other.
Submit a drawing of Lot and Buildings
Total square ft. of lot:
Square Ft. of all buildings now on lot:
The set-back from front property line shall not be less that other buildings in same block, should zone ordinance require.
This permit is issued subject to all deed restrictions of covenants in chain of title ot property. Location of buildings on lots and use of property shall comply
with Zoning Ordinance.
Upload a drawing, attach a drawing or insert image here
Intended use of building:
* or fraction thereof
Fee Calculation
Enter description of work to be performed here:
Approved/Denied City of Demopolis:
I hereby affirm that the above statements are true and correct and constitue the basis for the issuance of this permit. I also agree to abide by the
provisions of Ordinance known as the Building Code, and Ordinance known as the Zoning Ordinance, and such other ordinances as may be enacted from
time to time regulating erection, location, use or construction of buildings and furthermore, I understand that any varaince from the provisions of he above
mentinoed ordinacnces shall constitue cause for the revocation of this permit.
Where work for which a permit is required by this code is started or proceeded prior to obtaining said permit, the fees herein specified shall be doubled,
but the payment of such double fee shall not relieve any persons from fully complying with the requirements of this code in the execution of the work nor
from any other penalties perscribed herein.
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