ECSF Round 2 Intermediary Agreement
Grants through the Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF), activated by Community
Foundations of Canada, can only be made to Qualified Donees (QD). Non-qualified donees
(NQD) should apply directly to the Canadian Red Cross. Alternatively, NQDs may indirectly
apply to CFC or a local community foundation by securing a “fiscal sponsorship” from a QD. A
fiscal sponsorship is when a QD agrees to take on a project as its own activity and engages a
NQD as an intermediary to carry out the project. This sponsorship should be made between
organizations with a mutual alignment of values and missions. If an application with a fiscal
sponsor secures a grant, payment will be made to the QD who will be responsible for disbursing
funds to the NQD.
For additional information, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
What is a Qualified Donee?
The following types of Qualified donees (defined by the CRA) are eligible for funding under this
Registered charities
Registered Canadian amateur athletic associations
Registered low-cost housing corporations for the aged
Registered Municipalities or their housing, cultural and recreational agencies
First Nations and other registered municipal or public bodies performing a function of
government in Canada
Confirmation of an intermediary between a Qualified Donee and
Non-Qualified Donee
In compliance with the recommendations of the CRA, this is to confirm:
Name of Qualified Donee __________________________
Address: ________________________________________
Name of contact:________________________________________
Position: ________________________________________
Qualified Donee registration #:__________________________________
Has entered into a formal written intermediary agreement with:
Name of Non-Qualified Donee: _________________________
Address: ____________________________________________
Name of contact:________________________________________
Position: ________________________________________
To take on the following Project: ________________________________, as part of its own
activities and in keeping with its charitable purposes, and to engage the Non-Qualified Donee as
its intermediary to carry out the Project.
The Qualified Donee is responsible to the Funder (Community Foundations of Canada or its
network of foundations) and the Government of Canada under the Grant Agreement, and this
responsibility includes the Non-Qualified Donee’s performance in carrying out the Project and
any liability that arises as a result, and understands that:
The grant, if approved, will be made to the Qualified Donee for disbursement to the
Non-Qualified Donee,
The funds are to be used for the Project and that any conditions must be met prior to
requesting the funds,
The appropriate public recognition is given to the ECSF program partners by the
Non-Qualified Donee,
Any reporting required is completed by the relevant due dates, and
The name of the Qualified Donee will be used, either solely or linked to the
Non-Qualified Donee in all public announcements issued from CFC about the grant.
Name of President/Chairperson of Qualified Donee: ______________________
Signature of President/Chairperson of Qualified Donee:
Date: ______________________
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