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Save time and money!
Make your payments electronically. No more hand written checks, no more late fees. Direct debit your account with an electronic
funds transfer (EFT)! To apply, follow these easy steps:
1. Complete this form with your name, policy number, bank information and signature.
2. Enclose a blank check from your current checking account and mark this check “VOID” or provide your savings account or
credit card information.
3. Mail to the address indicated above or fax to 1-800-682-0817.
4. PLEASE, do not return the form with your payment.
In this Agreement, the term “Company” shall mean: Bristol West Casualty Insurance Company; Bristol West Insurance Company; Bristol West Preferred Insurance
Company; Bristol West Specialty Insurance Company; Coast National Insurance Company; Foremost County Mutual Insurance Company; Foremost Insurance
Company Grand Rapids, Michigan; Foremost Signature Insurance Company; Home State County Mutual Insurance Company; or Security National Insurance
Company. Please refer to your Declarations page to determine which entity pertains to you.
By signing below, I hereby agree to the terms and conditions of this authorization
agreement as follows: As the Named Insured, I hereby authorize the Company
to electronically deduct monthly installments for payment of my insurance
policy premiums, subsequent renewal down payment and monthly installments,
and to initiate credit entries in the event of erroneous charges. I hereby
authorize the Financial Institution indicated below to accept and post these
transactions to my account shown below.
I authorize the Company to adjust said transactions to reflect any premium
changes and policy renewals. The Company agrees to notify me, at least 10 days
in advance, in the event that the electronic transaction will be greater than the
previous electronic transaction.
In the event that my Financial Institution or account number changes, I
acknowledge that 3 business days advance notice must be given to the Company
before the changes take effect. I understand that I will be receiving a payment
schedule shortly with the due dates, amounts of future withdrawals, and
applicable fees. Upon receipt, I will retain the payment schedule for future
reference since the Company will not send out monthly notifications.
This authorization will remain in effect until I provide written notice to the
Company of its termination. I understand that, in the event I decide to terminate
this payment method, I must advise the Company at least 3 business days prior
to the installment due date. In the event that I do terminate it, I understand that
I continue to be obligated to make the current payment due as outlined on the
payment schedule, and my bill plan and premium may change, requiring a larger
down payment and different installment payments.
I understand that, in the event that this enrollment occurs after the inception of
the policy, I must continue to make my regularly scheduled payment for the
amount reflected on my invoice until the Company notifies me that my direct
debits will begin. I also understand that I will receive a payment schedule
outlining my direct debit payment schedule.
I understand and agree that an installment fee will be charged and deducted
with each monthly installment payment. I further understand that if my financial
institution does not honor any payment, an NSF fee will be assessed to the
balance due on my policy. For the specific amount of each fee, I should review
my application, contact my producer or call the Company at 1-888-888-0080. In
addition, these fees will be reflected on the payment schedule that will be sent
to me after the Company processes this request.
To ensure accuracy, if using a checking account, please attach a sample check and mark it as VOID. Customers of credit unions should verify their account
numbers as some credit unions use different account numbers than the numbers printed on checks.
Required information for all payment types, please print clearly:
Insured Name:___________________________________________ Date: __________________________________
Policy Number: __________________________________________ Phone #: ________________________________
*** Complete only one of the following sections ***
Only complete the following for checking and savings:
Select account type ( ) Checking or ( ) Savings
Bank Name:________________________________________________
Name on Account: __________________________________________
Routing # (9 digits): __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
Account #:_________________________________________________
Only complete the following for credit/debit card:
Select card type: ( ) MC ( ) Visa ( ) Amex ( ) Discover
Name on card: ______________________________________________
Account # (16 digit):
__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
Expiration Date: __ __ / __ __ __ __
Remember to collect the 3 or 4 digit CVV number on the card from the insured
that is needed to complete the payment card transaction.
Bank account holder or card holder signature: _____________________________________________
Understanding those numbers at the bottom of your check
1. Your Routing Number is on the left and between symbols that look like “I”. It‘s a 9-digit number.
2. Your bank account number may be up to 17 digits in length and is between the Routing number and the check number.
3. Your check number may be encoded on this line. Do not include this number.
If using a checking account, remember to attach a blank check marked as VOID
All other states 277 mid-term cc (Rev. 06/2016)