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NON-CCM Test Proctoring Policy (Revised 10/08/2018)
Student Responsibilities:
Make sure the County College of Morris (CCM) is an approved off campus
testing site with your institution.
Fill out the attached student information form. E-mail the completed form to Without this information, we will NOT process your exam(s).
If required, fill out your institutions proctor request forms.
The student is responsible for collecting and bringing in any forms the institution
requires a CCM proctor to complete.
If approved by the institution, call the CCM Testing Center (973) 328-5362 to
schedule an exam date. Please make sure you specifically mention that you
wish to schedule a NON-CCM proctored exam from another school or
organization. This should be completed one week prior to the exam.
Prior to taking the exam, submit a non-refundable fee (cash, money order, or
check) determined by the length of the exam or any additional proctoring
At the time of your exam, the student must present valid and current photo
Failure to comply with this policy will result in forfeiting the right to take the
exam at CCM.
Outside Institution Responsibilities (students need to follow up):
The outside institution is responsible for sending the student’s exam via; mail, fax, or
E-mail to the approved CCM Proctor. Only hard copies or online exams will be accepted.
The exam materials must include a contact person, phone number, and any
passwords necessary. Also include any other instructions that are necessary for
proctoring the exam. All expenses pertaining to the administration of non-CCM exams
are the responsibility of either the student or the outside institution.
County College of Morris (CCM)
Student Information
for proctoring Non-CCM
Complete all mandatory fields indicated by the red asterisk (*).
* Date:
* Last Name:
* First Name:
City, State, Zip:
) Evening ( ) * Telephone: Day (
* E-mail Address:
* Does the Exam Require a Computer?
Course Name:
Required Test Date and Time:
* Outside Institution Name:
City, State, Country:
* Contact Person:
* Contact Telephone:
E-mail or fax this completed form to or 973-328-5711.