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Colorado Loan Originator Reasonable Inquiry Attestation
Pursuant to Mortgage Loan Originator Licensing and Mortgage Company Registration Act Colo. Rev. Stat. Ann. §12-10-710
Borrower Name(s):
Property Address:
License #:
Loan Number:
Loan Originator:
License #:
The undersigned hereby attests that he/she made a reasonable, good faith inquiry
concerning the current and prospective income, existing debts and other obligations, and
other relevant information of the Borrower(s). The undersigned made his/her best efforts
to recommend and/or originate a residential mortgage loan that considers the information
submitted by the Borrower(s) to the undersigned.
In connection therewith, the undersigned interviewed and counseled the
Borrower(s) on his/her/their ability to repay the mortgage loan and did not recommend
and/or induce the Borrower(s) into entering in a transaction that does not have a
reasonable, tangible net benefit to the Borrower(s), considering all of the circumstances,
including the terms of the loan, the cost of the loan, and the circumstances of the
Accordingly, the undersigned understands the financial status of the Borrower(s)
and recommended the appropriate products.
While the Uniform Residential Loan Application, Form 1003, may not completely
document the Borrower(s)’ income and assets, the undersigned counseled the
Borrower(s) in good faith and all relevant information was considered and the Borrower(s)
selected the product that is appropriate for his/her/their circumstances and were approved
for said product, which may or may not require documentation of income or assets.
By signing below, I acknowledge and attest to the foregoing.
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