Non-QM Programs
Minimum Documentation for UW Submittal for ALL
Submission Form
1003 Signed & dated by LO
Credit Report Dated with 60 Days
Borrower Certification and Authorization
Escrow/Title Estimated Fees
Purchase Agreement (if applicable)
Borrower(s) Identification
Borrowers Certification & Authorization
Anti-Steering Form (if lender paid) Only BPC allowed at this time
Escrow/Title Estimated Settlement Statement
Preliminary Title Report
Mortgage Statement or Notes for all financed properties, if applicable
Gift Letter, if applicable
Assets & Income Documentation Required for UW Submittal
(Cash-Out CAN be used for Reserves ALL PROGRAMS)
Community Mortgage
No Income Documentation Required
Bank Statements for Reserves/Cash to Close (1 month)
Self-Employed: 12 Months Bank Statements or
Asset Qualifier: (6 months all pages of assets being used for Qualifier) and
1 Month Bank Statements, Retirement or Investment Accounts for Reserves
Income Calculation Worksheet CHM Income Analysis Worksheet
Prime Plus
Wage Earner: Most recent 30 days paystubs and
Wage Earner: Most recent 2 years W2’s or Tax Returns or
Self Employed: Two Years K1’s and
Self Employed: Two years Personal and Business Tax Returns with all Schedules (if>25% ownership)
1 Month Bank Statement, Retirement or Investment Accounts for Reserves/Cash to Close
Investor DSCR or No Ratio
1 Month Bank Statement, Retirement or Investment Accounts for Reserves/Cash to Close
Market Rents required for DSCR > 100% (Not required for No Ratio)
1009 Program
Two Year Most Recent 1099 and a CPA/Licensed Tax Preparer Completed P&L or Expense Ratio Letter
This is not an exhaustive list of required UW documentation. This document intended for minimum documents required for submis sion to UW.
REV. 4/7/2021