Coahoma Community College does not authorize and will not tolerate any form of harassment of or by
any employee (i.e., supervisory or non-supervisory) or non-employee based on race, sex, religion, color,
national origin, age, disability, citizenship status, or any other factor protected by law. The College
prohibits such harassment wherever it may occur on campus, off campus, in outside work
assignments, or at College-sponsored social or non-social functions, events, or programs. Should such
harassment occur, the College would take appropriate corrective action to prevent its continuation or
recurrence. In addition, the College will work to prevent the harassment of its employees by persons
who are not College employees, but who are on the College’s premises, or who have a business or
other relationship with the College. This policy applies to each and every employee. No person,
whether employed by the College or not, shall threaten or suggest that an employee’s refusal to
submit to sexual harassment will adversely affect that person’s employment, work status, evaluation,
wages, advancement, assigned duties, hours of work or any other term or condition of employment.
Similarly, no employee
-- regardless of position or job title -- shall promise, imply, or grant any
preferential treatment in return for another employee’s acceptance of conduct, which is sexually
harassing. This policy applies to each and every employee.
I_____________________, have read the policy pertaining to Harassment taken out of the Coahoma
Community College Policy & Procedures Manual and fully understand the severity of this policy.