The College certifies compliance with federal law regarding drug free workplaces (41 USC 701), which
requires grantees of federal agencies to certify that they will provide a drug-free workplace.
Accordingly, such certification is a precondition for all employers who receive federal grants. Specific
information concerning this policy may be obtained through the Employee Services office. The College
requires that all employees report to work free of any influence of alcohol, mindaltering, or unlawful
substances. No employee will be allowed to report for work or remain on duty under the influence of
alcohol or any illegal substances. No employee will use alcohol while on duty. The College prohibits
employees using, possessing, manufacturing, dispensing, distributing, or making arrangements to
distribute illegal substances while at work or on the College’s property. Failure to comply with the
requirements of this policy will result in dismissal. Employees are responsible for notifying the College’s
mployee Services Department and their immediate supervisor whenever they are under a physician’s
care or taking prescription medications that may adversely affect their ability to perform their duties in
a safe manner, or their ability to work, to avoid safety hazards, or abide by the College’s drug and
alcohol policy. Employees are reminded that their conduct reflects on the College’s image and
reputation in the community at large.
Policy Concerning Alcohol and Drugs