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Change of Status Form
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I certify that I experienced the above change of status events. I certify the statement and information on this change of status form are
accurate and true.
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Fill out the top and bottom sections of this form.
Choose the applicable sections to fill out in the
middle of the form. This form must be
submitted within 30 days of your event change.
For additional information on IRS status changes
please refer to the Change of Status Matrix.
Replace Current Election
I want to replace an existing election with a new election
Existing Benefit: Existing Deduction Amount:
New Benefit: New Deduction Amount:
Change of Status Event:
Event Date: Payroll Effective Date:
Terminate Election
I want to terminate a Benefit Election
Terminating Benefit:
Event Date:
Change of Status Event:
New Election
I want to add a new election
Change of Status Event:
New Benefit
Employer Signature: Date:
Payroll Effective Date:
Event Date: Payroll Effective Date:
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