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Please read the following instructions and fill out the form on page 3.
Definition: Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is a training experience (For example, an internship or practicum)
with pay that is integral to the student’s program of study. CPT is conducted in the student's major
field of study and occurs before a student’s completion of study. There are three kinds of CPT:
1. Required: For students in programs which require practical training to earn a degree. The student may or may
not earn academic credit for the practical training but must fulfill a certain number of work hours according to
the degree requirements.
2. Optional: For students whose programs do not require practical training to earn a degree. The student must
register for an experiential learning course during the curricular practical training period.
3. The training will provide research or training that are necessary for the student’s thesis or dissertation.
To be eligible for CPT a student must
(1) Be maintaining lawful F-1 status;
(2) Be “in good academic standing,” which at the University of Denver means having a GPA of 2.0
or above for undergraduate student, and of 3.0 or above for graduate students.
(3) Have been enrolled as a full-time student for at least one academic year. The only exception
to the one academic year waiting period is for graduate students whose programs require they
begin practical training before they have enrolled for one academic year.
English Language Center Students: ELC students are not eligible for CPT.
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advisor to
for training
training offer
and training
letter from
Part A of CPT
Part B of CPT
enrolls in
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course if
CPT is
submits CPT
Request and
letter to
ISSS advisor
reviews request,
approves it if it
meets the
requirements and
authorization on
Form I-20.
Student picks
up I-20 from
ISSS and can
begin training
on the start
date of the
CPT Application Steps
Part-Time CPT: Training for 20 hours or less per week is considered part-time CPT. The student is responsible for
limiting work to 20 hours per week or less. The student must maintain full-time enrollment during CPT in order to
maintain lawful F-1 status unless it is during a vacation term.
Full-Time CPT: Training for more than 20 hours per week is full-time CPT.
There is no limitation on the length of time that the student may participate in full-time Curricular Practical
Training. However, if a student is authorized for twelve months or more of full-time CPT, the student is not eligible
for Optional Practical Training (OPT) during or following the current degree program. The student must maintain
full-time enrollment during CPT in order to maintain status unless it is during a vacation period.
Time Periods: Authorization during vacation terms and official break can start the day after the final exam period
of the previous term and end the day before the first day of classes of the next term.
Students may begin Curricular Practical Training after completing the following procedures and receiving an I-20
with authorization on page 2. To apply, a student must submit the following:
1) A letter on official company letterhead signed by the training provider. The letter must include the following
information (see attached template):
a) Type of Training- with specific responsibilities
b) Location of the training
c) The maximum number of hours per week
d) Beginning and ending dates of the training.
2) A recommendation from the student’s academic advisor in Part B of the CPT Request. Students who will be
evaluated for more than one training for the same experiential learning course are required to submit a letter
from the course instructor verifying that the instructor will evaluate/grade the student based on more than
one training position. In this case, the course instructor should include a list of the trainings to be evaluated.
NOTE: If registration for an experiential learning course is required, the registration must be verified in
PioneerWeb. Registration is required for each quarter in which the training takes place.
If all the documents are complete and the student is eligible, ISSS will authorize CPT on the Form I-20.
Renewing your CPT:
If you are interested in renewing your CPT authorization you must re-submit all of the above listed documents 2
weeks prior to the expiration date on your current CPT.
(1) Normal preparation time for CPT authorization is 3-4 business days. While ISSS makes every effort to
accommodate student needs, it is not always possible to authorize CPT faster. It is the student’s responsibility to
obtain CPT authorization so please plan ahead.
(2) Working without authorization or not following the guidelines of CPT is a serious violation of a student’s
nonimmigrant status. It is the responsibility of the F-1 student to comply with all immigration regulations that apply
to F-1 status. If the student fails to meet his or her responsibilities in this regard, he or she will lose eligibility for
benefits normally granted to F-1 students, including working on- or off-campus. Ultimately, the non-complying
student may be forced to depart the United States.
If International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) has not authorized CPT on Form I-20, students applying for
CPT MUST NOT start or continue training. It is THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to obtain authorization before
any previous authorization expires if he or she does not want an interruption in training.
Social Security and Other Taxes:
In general, as an F-1 student, you will be exempt from Social Security (F.I.C.A.) taxes for your first five years in the
United States, as long as you continue to declare non-resident status for tax purposes. Income earned in the United
States, including assistantships, is usually subject to any federal, state, or local income regulations that apply.
Unless you qualify under a tax treaty between the United States and your home government, employers are
required by law to withhold those taxes from your paychecks. Annual filing of tax returns is mandated each year by
April 15
. Please see for more information. ISSS staff are not
authorized to provide tax assistance or advice.
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F1 Curricular Practical Training
Training Provider Name:
Provider Address:
Contact Person:
Email Address:
ISSS will send all communications about this request to your email. Remember to check this account regularly.
According to the federal regulations, "An F-1 student may be authorized…to participate in a curricular practical training
program which is an integral part of an established curriculum". {8 CFR 214.2(f)(10)(I)} The training must have a strong
connection to the student's academic program, so it must be required for the degree, required to earn experiential
learning study credit, or required for the student's thesis or dissertation. Training that is related to the major and a good
opportunity does not necessarily meet the requirements of Curricular Practical Training. Call an ISSS advisor at 303-871-
4912 if you have questions.
Please choose one:
This training is required for the student’s degree (Note: This must be documented in an official university publication).
If applicable: Course__________________ Number of Credits_______________ Term_______________
The employment is required to earn experiential learning credit for which the student will register.
Course__________________ Number of Credits_______________ Term_______________
The training will provide research or training that is necessary for the student’s thesis or dissertation.
Topic and/or title of thesis or dissertation:________________________________________
Please answer the following if you checked the 2
or 3
1. Outline the learning objectives of the proposed training.
2. Describe how they are an “integral” part of the student’s academic program:
Faculty member assigned to evaluate learning objectives:________________________________________
Please initial if the student's CPT will be full-time (more than 20 hrs/week) and you agree to the following:
Full-time training is not expected to adversely affect the student's academic performance or progress during the quarter
for which CPT has been requested. _____
NOTE: Prior to signing this recommendation, know that the information above is required to ensure that the student’s
request for CPT complies with federal regulations governing F-1 immigration status.
It is my opinion that the proposed curricular practical training is in the student's major area of study and that
it is an integral part of the established curriculum. I recommend that the student be granted curricular
practical training. In signing this form I understand that my academic recommendation will be used for this
Academic Advisor or Faculty Signature:
Printed Name:
Email Address:
Sample Training Letter for F-1 Curricular Practical Training (CPT)
To be typed, signed, and printed on letterhead from your prospective training provider.
Date: ____________________
To Whom It May Concern:
I hereby verify that ______________________________ (full name of student) has been offered a position at
______________________________ (name of training provider) under the following terms:
Training start date: _______________ End Date: _______________ Maximum Number of hours of work per week: __________
Name of Training Provider: ________________________________________________________________________
Training Provider Address: _________________________________________________________________________
Training Site Address: _____________________________________________________________________________
(No PO Box) Street Address City State Zip Code
Position Title: ________________________________________
Role and Responsibilities of the position:
I am cooperating with University of Denver to achieve the curricular purposes of this training.
Name: ________________________________________________
Email: ________________________________________________
Phone: ________________________________________________
______________________________________________________ Date: _______________
Signature of Training Provider