General Statements
As a Coastal Carolina University intern, you are representing not just yourself, but the university and
your fellow students, both current and future. As a student intern you are expected to adhere to the
employer's employment policies, practices, procedures, dress code, and/or standards of conduct. To avoid
any misunderstanding, it is recommended that you obtain clarification regarding such matters from your
employer when you begin your assignment.
Your performance while on assignment as an intern will be evaluated by your employer and your
Faculty Supervisor. Upon completion, you will receive a letter grade for the course. A passing grade will be
required in order for the internship to be recognized by the university. You must keep your Internship Director
and your sponsoring employer apprised of any changes to your current e-mail address, physical address and
telephone number.
The student intern is required to maintain the established work schedule and meet internship
obligations. Absences, excused or not, do not absolve a student from the responsibility of completing all
assigned work promptly. Students who miss assignments or deadlines due to excused absences will be
allowed to make up the work in a manner deemed appropriate by the Internship Director. It will be the
responsibility of the student to contact the Director and make arrangements. The Internship Director is not
obligated to allow a student to make up work missed due to an unexcused absence. Absences will be
excused for documented cases of:
a) incapacitating illness,
b) official representation of the University (excuses for official representation of the University should be
obtained from the official supervising the activity),
c) death of a close relative, and
d) religious holidays.
The Internship Director will determine whether other absences from class should be excused or
unexcused. In the event of an impasse between the student and the Director, the department chair and/or
the dean of the college shall make the final decision as to whether an absence is to be considered excused.
Any changes in your internship status (layoff, cutback in hours, or dismissal) must be reported immediately to
your Internship Director. If you feel victimized by a work-related incident (e.g. job misrepresentation,
unethical activities, sexual harassment, discrimination, etc.), you are to contact your campus Internship
Director immediately.
Specific Statements
You will conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. This includes, but is not limited to:
1) Reporting for the internship on-time. Maintaining required work schedule.
2) Following all rules and policies as required by employer.
3) Maintaining strict confidentiality regarding information obtained on any clients, members, customers,
patients, employees, and products or services associated with the internship site.
4) Using appropriate written and oral communication in all interactions with all supervisors, employees,
clients and university staff.
5) Observing all established safety rules and avoiding unsafe work practices.
6) Demonstrating honesty, cooperation, integrity, courtesy, and a willingness to learn.
7) Engaging in positive, ethical, and legal behavior.
8) Accept responsibility and accountability for decisions and actions taken while at the internship site.
9) Treat all customers, clients, supervisors, and fellow employees with dignity and respect.
I understand and agree with the professional standards of the internship program as listed in the preceding
general and specific statements. I understand if any facet of the code of conduct is not adhered to, I may be
at risk of losing academic credit/tuition, or in some other way may be penalized.
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