DATE: ____________________________________ CONTRACT NO: _________________________
NAME OF PROJECT: _________________________________________________________________
SUBDIVISION PLAN NO: ______________ TAX MAP: _____________ PARCEL NO: _________
NAME OF DEVELOPER: _____________________________________________________________
ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________________
CONSULTANT ENGINEER: ___________________________________________________________
ZONING: ___________________________________________________________________________
__ Complied with _X_ Not complied with
Inc. Incomplete N.A. Not Applicable
INSTRUCTIONS: To be completed by the applicant using the above legend. It is to be signed by a
registered professional engineer with a Maryland Registration number and is to be dated and furnished
with the initial document submittal.
1. Standard Sheet __________
2. Standard Title Block on all sheets __________
3. Standard signature block on all sheets __________
4. Professional engineer’s signature and seal on each drawing __________
5. Location map shown on Title Sheet
a. Scale 1” = 500’ __________
b. Show north arrow __________
c. Site of proposed subdivision, shaded __________
d. Existing and proposed streets identified __________
e. Existing and proposed water and sewer shown with size and
project numbers __________
f. Vicinity map (1” = 2000’) __________
g. Below vicinity map provide information block __________
i. Type of Building(s) __________
ii. No. of Water house connections __________
iii. No. of Sewer house connections __________
6. Provide on first sheet, table showing total quantity, type of pipe, number of
water and sewer house connections, number of manholes, fire hydrants,
and valves, etc. __________
7. Provide City of Westminster General Notes below vicinity map __________
8. On Title Block, identify the Project as per identification used in record plat:
a. No. of Lots __________
b. Contract No. __________
9. Show Tax Map, Block & Parcel Number __________
10. North arrow on each sheet __________
11. Plan scale 1” = 50’ __________
12. Show on the plan view the complete survey details and the traverse and road
centerline stationed at least every 100 feet __________
13. Place three coordinate ticks on each plan. (Form right angle, with 250’
increments). Coordinate system shall be based on North American Datum
of 1983 (NAD ’83) __________
14. Show at least two permanent bench marks with description, elevation and
reference (use the same bench marks as shown on the road construction plans) ___________
15. Show existing property line, curb line, septic tank and well and spring locations __________
16. Show existing and proposed storm drains and stormwater management ponds __________
17. Show and label the City Project Number and existing water and sewer mains,
house connections, manholes and other related structures and appurtenances __________
18. Show streams, lakes, trees, railway lines and related structures __________
19. Gas, Electric, Telephone and other utilities __________
20. Show existing and proposed right-of-way of utilities __________
21. Existing and proposed buildings on lots with basement elevation or lowest
floor elevation __________
22. Label the names and property owners for property around the subdivision __________
23. Label the lot or parcel numbers __________
24. Roads, identify and show:
a. Pavement width and type of pavement __________
b. Right-of-way width __________
c. Existing or proposed curb and sidewalks __________
d. Type of road (state, county or private) __________
25. Use jacking/boring for crossing state and county roads, unless open cut is
permitted on the plan. Show detail of method desired __________
26. For townhomes, apartment development and single family subdivision, show
the complete layout of the piping system in the Plan View drawing __________
27. On the Plan View locate the water and sewer mains and appurtenances from
centerline of the road. Sewer manholes are to be provided with coordinates
as well __________
28. Include City of Westminster Standard Detail Sheets for Water and Sewer __________
29. For purposes of design, the estimated population shall not be less than 3.5
persons per single family dwelling and 3 persons per apartment dwelling __________
30. The horizontal stations shall be the centerline of the street and locations of
water and sewer shall be projected upon the road centerline __________
31. All water and sewer designs shall be in accordance with the requirements of
the state of Maryland Department of the Environment __________
32. If requested by the City, a water system distribution analysis shall be
submitted showing Hydraulic Gradient under design flow. Computations
may be required. This and any other additional information required may
be used at the City’s discretion to require changes in the design configuration
and sizing at the proposed water system __________
33. Include City of Westminster Standard Water and Sewer Notes __________
34. Show any 100 Year Floodplains __________
1. Plan Scale 1” = 50 ft. __________
2. Check the size of the water main with approved Preliminary Plan as per
approved network computation __________
3. All the water mains should be DIP __________
4. Pipe shown by standard symbol and sizes frequently labeled __________
5. Clearly identify all fittings and appurtenances by size and type (valves, trees,
crosses, bends, plugs, tapping sleeves, reducers, division valves, air release
valves and manholes, etc.) __________
6. Pipe alignment and fittings dimensioned from traverse or proposed road
centerline for field stakeout __________
7. Check the spacing of control valves (installed adjacent to all trees, crosses
and at 500 foot intervals in-line) __________
8. Check the spacing of fire hydrants. Label the Bury line elevation and Bury
length (in ½ foot increments) and station. Hydrants are to be located at all
intersections, and intermediate hydrants at lot lines __________
9. House connections properly shown and identified size shown if other
than standard _________
10. Locate the house connection on high end of property __________
11. Check clearance between sewers and other utilities __________
12. Check clearance of water house connections with other utilities __________
13. Meter locations shown, or call for inside settings as applicable __________
14. Sprinkler system for multi-family dwellings should have a minimum of 1”
connection with a 3/4” meter __________
15. Crimp radii and curve data shown for pipe curvatures, together with location
and stationing of point of curvature (PC) and point of tangent (PT) __________
16. Check and label the type of pipe used for existing water main to be connected __________
17. Denote existing valves to be closed when connection to system is made.
Provide connection note on the plan outlining areas affected by shutdown __________
18. Use tapping sleeve and valves for connecting to existing water mains unless
approved otherwise __________
19. Confirm that in residential developments where easements are required
between two adjacent lots for future extension of water systems, a water
main shall be constructed within the easement between the adjacent lots.
The water main shall be extended the full length of the easement between
the lots. __________
20. Designate those connections requiring PRV’s for service connections __________
21. Water mains shall be laid 7 feet off the centerline on the high side of
the street __________
22. Fire hydrants are to be connected to mains via 6” leads to which no other
use may be attached __________
23. Hydrant spacing to provide coverage shall be in accordance with Carroll
County Standards __________
1. Profile scale 1” = 5’ vertical __________
1” = 50’ horizontal __________
2. Profiles shall be shown on separate drawings and clearly identified and
cross referenced to the Plan view drawings __________
3. On a combined water and sewer project the profiles of each system may be
combined on a single profile __________
4. Show the water main in double line and label the size of the water main __________
5. Water main stations and inverts shall be shown at every 50-foot intervals __________
6. Cover to be no less than 4.0 feet (finished grade top of pipe) __________
7. Existing and proposed grades of the road or ground __________
8. Water main sizes, fittings (appurtenances) shall be labeled, stationed, and
invert elevation shown __________
9. Check the combined horizontal and vertical radii of pipe required to
traverse over, under, or around obstruction, not exceeding the minimum
radius allowed __________
10. Pipe checked for minimum/maximum depth __________
11. Shown air release valves, and dewatering valves where required __________
12. Check and label the type of water main pipe used for existing water main to
be connected. Also label the contract number of existing water main __________
13. Check for adequate clearance between crossing utilities __________
14. Where profiles branch to other profiles, check inverts for compatibility __________
15. Show parallel storm drain and sewer by dashed lines __________
1. Plan scale 1” = 50 ft __________
2. Show existing sewer main and City of Westminster project number to which
proposed sewer main will be connected __________
3. Size and direction of flow of sewer main shown between manholes __________
4. The minimum public sewer main size is 8-inch __________
5. Manholes numbered and identified by type __________
6. Manholes shall be located by distance from applicable traverse station
or from road centerline or other physical points for field stakeout.
Coordinates provided. __________
7. Minimum drop across manhole is 0.1 ft. Angle between incoming pipes to
provide a minimum of 8” at manhole wall between outside of pipes. Angle
between incoming and outgoing pipes may not be less than 90°. __________
8. Centerline manhole channel radii are not less than 2.5 times the pipe diameter __________
9. The types of manhole required (drop, type 1 or 2, watertight manhole) __________
10. On the terminal manhole, provide maximum (3) three sewer house connections __________
11. Maximum number of connection in any manhole is four __________
12. Check horizontal and vertical clearance for the existing utilities in the area __________
13. Show minimum cellar elevation of lots or buildings __________
14. Sewer service restrictions noted. No service, or first floor service only __________
15. House connections are properly shown perpendicular to the main and located __________
16. All sewer service for residential units shall be 6” inch size with 2% slope
(Standard acceptable slope) __________
17. House connection data: give invert at property line, type of connection and
design slope if greater or less than 2%. (The minimum slope is 2% and
6% maximum) __________
18. Check clearance between house connections and other utilities __________
19. Show easements required for sewer main extension and house connections __________
20. Show off site right-of-way or easement __________
21. Check the size of sewer main as per approved computation or master plan __________
22. In residential development projects, where easements are running between
two adjacent lots for future extension of the sewer system, a sewer main
shall be provided within the easement between the adjacent lots. The sewer
shall be extended the full length of the easement and be located on the
downslope side. __________
23. When a sewer main design necessitates the acquisition of a right-of-way,
then the sewer main should be placed in the middle of the right-of-way __________
24. In new developments where sewers are laid in advance of road pavement,
the sewer shall be placed on the lower side of street seven feet from the
street centerline __________
25. On the plans (plan view) clearly label public and private sewer mains __________
26. Collector sewer design shall be based upon a depth of 2 feet below the
cellar (or first floor if no cellar gravity service is planned) elevation
plus 2% from the back of the building footprint to the main. If no
footprint is shown, use the rear building setback line. __________
27. No cleanouts permitted on City sewer mains __________
28. Check minimum and maximum covers __________
1. Sewer profile scale 1” = 5’ Vertical __________
1’ = 50’ Horizontal __________
2. Show existing and proposed grades for the road or ground __________
3. Show sewer pipe size and grade of sewer main __________
4. Pipe slopes shall be checked to be within minimum (0.6%) maximum
(20% for PVC over 20% use of slope anchors and D.I.P. required) __________
5. Show all manholes and label the invert elevations of manholes __________
6. Distances between manholes shown and stationed. Identify manholes
with numerical numbers. Maximum spacing is 400 linear feet __________
7. Size and type of manhole and structural detail, if other than standard ___________
8. Drop manholes identified (required where drop exceeds 2’), including
invert elevations of drop connections __________
9. Label the rim elevation of the manhole __________
10. Provide intermediate landing for manholes 18-feet and greater depth.
Label the invert elevation of intermediate landing. Wall thickness
identified as required. __________
11. Intersecting sewer mains at manholes that are of different diameters
have matching tops of pipe elevations __________
12. Check for concrete cradle or encasement. Check where necessary and
label accordingly __________
13. For profiles that branch to other profiles, verify that invert elevations
are consistent __________
14. Use watertight frame cover set elevation one foot above the ground when
the manholes are located within the floodplain __________
15. Check that manholes placed on fill shall have base extended to
undisturbed earth __________
16. Use D.I.P. sewer pipe for river crossings, on slopes greater than 20%, and
when required for structural strength (extra depth of cover) __________
17. Show proposed centerline road stationing on the profiles __________
18. Hydraulic design data shown between manholes for all interceptors and
steep or shallow grade collector sewer (Q in mgd, velocity, and n factor) __________
19. Service elevations of lots, homes, and structures to be serviced shown
together with house connections at appropriate elevations __________
1) This checklist is to be returned on subsequent submittals along with a detailed point-by-
point response to all comments. Failure to do so will only result in delay of subsequent
review or return of plans unreviewed.
2) This checklist is an addendum to City of Westminster “Development Design Criteria”
dated April 1990.
I/We hereby certify that all proposed work shown on these construction drawing(s) has
been reviewed by me/us and that I/We fully understand what is necessary to accomplish this work
and that the work will be conducted in strict accordance with these plans. I/We also understand
that any changes to these plans will require an amended plan to be reviewed and approved by the
City of Westminster Planning and Zoning Commission before any change in the work is made.
I hereby certify that these construction drawings and associated computations were
prepared by me or under my supervision and comply with all applicable standards and
regulations of The City of Westminster. I have reviewed these documents with the
MARYLAND REGISTRATION NUMBER No. ______________________